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Re: CF: max stats

> P.F.C. writes:

> If I unapply everything, and issue the "statistics" command, it tells
> me that my "real" stats are all one point higher than my "natural"
> stats.

> Not that I mind higher stats, of course!

	It occurs to me that the experience objects, which are
	applied, probably are giving the extra point. When I redesigned
	the experience code to use experience objects, I put a 
	specific exemption in the living.c file to prevent this
	from happening. At the last glance, this line had been
	commented out from the code. I dunno why, since someone
	else must have done it.

	We can either re-enable this special exemption (which is
	admitedly less 'clean' implementation since we should be
	treating all of the objects in an equal manner) or change
	the documentation.

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