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Re: CF: max stats (and more than you care to know about experience archs)

>  Brian: Is there any reason that exp objects change stats right now?

	Nope. Stats are used by experience objects to 'tag' the 
	category of experience, ie

		"physique" exp objects have Str 1
		"wisdom" exp object have Wis 1

	There shouldnt be an increase in the stat in question.

	[ now for a bit of explaination, longish...]

	This setup seems a bit arcane I why this way?
	Why not hardcode the experience archetypes, eg have type

	Well... at the time I did this, there was some debate about
	what experience system was the best, as some ppl wanted to 
	have only 4 instead of 6 categories, and so on .. (*sigh*).

	In the attempt to make the experience system as flexible as
	possible, I coded the experience 'categories' to be defined
	by the archetypes and using various stats to differentiate 
	them. Properities of the experience categories are set by the
	stat(s) they have defined. To my knowledge the stats have
	the following properties:

		str --> gains experience, from fighting
		con --> controls hp progression somewhat (if a define
		        in living.c is set).
		dex --> gains exp from agility skills
		wis --> gains exp from priest skills, effects grace
		int --> gain exp from mental skills
		cha --> gain exp from personality skills
		pow --> gain exp from wizard skills, effects mana calc.

	So, If you didnt like the current 6 experience catagories and
	wanted only 3 for your server, say "fighting" "presense" and 
	"holyness" you could  remove all of the old experience archetypes 
	and define the following new ones:

	Name	  Properties	       Explaination
	fighting  Str 1, Con 1, Dex 1  Combines old physique, agility exp
	presence  Pow 1, Cha 1	       Combines old magic, personality exp
	holyness  Wis 1                same as old wisdom exp

	So, every player on this server would only see 3 types of 
	experience to be gained. If you fight or steal something, then
	experience points go to the "fighting" category.

	And note, since we DIDNT design an arch with Int 1, there will be
	NO experience gained for use of mental skills (at least in theory
	this should be the case. I dont recogmend leaving out a stat,
	eg you should have a every stat covered between all of your new
	experience archetypes). 

	Even though I wrote a doc to help explain how to do this, probably 
	nobody but me (or maybe Peter) really is knowledgeable enough (and 
	has the desire) to reconfigure the game experience to suit their 
	individual tastes. This might be some code we could 'simplify'
	(heh, remove it).

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