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CF: Free Time

Hello all,

Some of you may remember that probably better
than a year I ago I said I was interested in 
writing a PC client.  Since then I've been way
to busy to even keep up with the mail on this 
list.  However I just quit my job and I'm planning
at least a month or so off before looking for a new
one, and I'm thinking that Crossfire might be a good
project to fill the time.  However I'm not sure if a
Windows 95/NT client is necessarily the most valuable
use of my time, so I'm soliciting input.

Ideas I have are:

1. Do some of the massive rewriting of the server
   that's been needed forever.  The idea would be
   to improve the innate quality of the code to make
   diagnosing and fixing bugs and or adding functional
   enhancements easier in the future.
2. Java.  I'd guess a Java Applet in an HTML browser would
   be the preferred approach for a client.  I don't think
   there's much rationale for a Java server.
3. Make maps.  (and/or write a map generator)
4. Implement a native Windows 95/NT client.

Anybody have a preference?


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