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Re: CF: Free Time

>> >  * Make such status information as "braced," and possibly "confused,"
>> >    "paralyzed," "scared," or "sick" show up in the status window just
>> >    like "fire on" and "running" currently do.
>>  This later point is should be pretty easy to do - I think this is the first
>> I saw a request to do this.  I will look at putting it on - won't make it in
>> 93.5 which I plan to release later today, but perhaps the next version.
>It'd be cool to also see protections/immunities/vulnerabilities in
>this window as well.

Of course, if we put everything there, it eliminates the point of the
perceive self spell.  Not that I ever really thought it had much of a
point anyway.  Braced, running, and firing are client-side activities,
so they should certainly be there.  The others fit into a different
category--something to think about.  I doubt that it would effect game
balance either way, though, and I like having more info.

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