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Re: CF: Free Time

>2. Java.  I'd guess a Java Applet in an HTML browser would
>   be the preferred approach for a client.  I don't think
>   there's much rationale for a Java server.

This would be really cool--a great way to open up the game to a much
wider audience.  It would take some thought as to the user interface;
the current system makes extensive use of all three mouse buttons,
whereas Windows users often only have two and Macintosh users only
have one.

>3. Make maps.  (and/or write a map generator)

More maps are always a great idea.  Just be sure that you complete
whatever you start--there's an uncompleted quest on one map that
hasn't been updated in ages; very annoying.

>4. Implement a native Windows 95/NT client.

If this would be much easier than writing the Java client, then it
might be worthwhile.  Ultimately, I think Java is a better way to go.

>1. Do some of the massive rewriting of the server
>   that's been needed forever.  The idea would be
>   to improve the innate quality of the code to make
>   diagnosing and fixing bugs and or adding functional
>   enhancements easier in the future.

I haven't looked at the server code, so I'm not sure what's needed
here.  My guess, though, is that the most useful work would be to get
the current client/server code up to speed.  I'm not sure how far off
it is now, but it apparently isn't stable enough to be a default
option; it will have to be before any new clients are useful.

If you just want to do something quick and simple to make me happy :),
consider the following:

 * Make the non-split window resizable.  It shouldn't be too hard to
   let the inventory and dialog subwindows stretch.

 * Make such status information as "braced," and possibly "confused,"
   "paralyzed," "scared," or "sick" show up in the status window just
   like "fire on" and "running" currently do.

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