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CF: protections and vulnerabilities

About protections and vulnerabilities:

I'm unclear on how it works now, but I am sometimes covered by two things
that provide protection from fire, and one that makes me vulnerable.  This
can obviously be a bit confusing for the player.

Ideally, I think (as has been mentioned before) that the protections should
be on a percentage scale, and perceive self should report the current values.
For example, it might say:

	Attack type	Dammage
	-----------	-------
	Physical	100%
	Fire		50%
	Cold		200%
	Electric	0%
	Fear		50%

The above person has no magical protection from physical attack (though
he may have armour, which is a lot like physical protection--does it
protect against all physical, including bombs?  If so, then maybe it
could be incorporated into the above).  He is protected from fire, but
vulnerable to cold.  He is immune to lightning (probably from a potion
recently consumed), and protected from fear.

Anyway, if we move to the above system, we could expand the weapon enchantment
to allow adding protections just like stats.  Perhaps a 10% or 25% protection
would require potions just like a stat point.

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