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CF: user interface

This is probably not the time for developing these ideas, but here are
some things I've thought would be nice to have in the user interface,
probably once we've moved primarily to the client/server model:

Let the user "hide" inventory items.  This would add a category when
toggling between applied, unapplied, magic, cursed, etc., and items in
the "hidden" category would not be displayed when viewing other
categories (including the regular listing).  Hidden items would
automatically be locked, and may be applied.  This would be useful for
things like my cloak that I hardly ever will want to unapply, and I
don't want to have it cluttering up my inventory when I'm looking for
things that I really need.  (Ideally, I don't want to have to scroll
my inventory, if at all possible.)

How about smarter shop inventories?  First of all, it would help if
items were sorted.  I like how all the spellbooks are together, for
example, but if they were sorted alphabetically, that would make it
more useful.  (I can see how having it in a different order can make
it easier to find in the store, though, once you've decided to look
for it.)  I would also like to be able to have it not display
spellbooks for spells that I already have learned.  Maybe this would
go under the "inventory" entry of the "preferences" pull-down menu on
the client.  :)

Another thing that would be cool would be to allow the player to
specify a set of items that should be applied as a group.  For
example, the command 'ready_inven shopping' could cause me to wear my
rings of charisma and my cloak of beguilement and unweild my
darkblade.  If it were really clever, it would even pull the items out
of containers if necessary, all of which might be hidden items.  A
not-so smart version of this would be to allow the player to create a
pseudo-container called, in this case, "shopping."  The container
would hold my shopping items (rings and such, and a dagger to weild
instead of my darkblade).  Activating the container would apply the
items, deactivating it would unapply them.  (Again, this is really a
cliet-side idea for someone to think about once the base client is
stable and in general use.)

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