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CF: Bug fixes, minor improvements?


this may or may not be the right thing to ask, but I'll do it anyway
-:) First of all, I'm maintaining a crossfire server since 0.93.5
(playiny only since 0.93.4; however, some of the poeple here have
played much older servers), and, based on some problems/feature
requests I got/found, have fixed two bugs in the official maps, as
well as adding a couple of minor improvements to the server (which is
still going on...) (and making a new "client" better suited for
workstation clusters). Now, the problem I have is:

a) the map bugs are old (there is a typo in the firetemple ("phosphorus is
   spelled differently fromt the usual crossfire spelling), and a very
   old bug in the ebony thief guild (the "Fragment of chaos" is not spelled
   correctly)). I didn't fix the various minor map bugs such as double or
   missing floors -:)
   Are these considered bugs, and if so, why are they still there? The
   ebony thief guild bug was there for a long time... The firetemple
   seems to be new to 0.93.5, but this means that nobody ever played that
   Also, access to Takisis doesn't require Ying and Yang. I suppose that's
   not a bug?
b) are there any discussions about minor improvements on this list,
   or is crossfire maintained by a separate group of people?
c) what about the "real" bugs? We are exploiting various bugs
   (such as getting cauldrons with a negative weight, and gaining experience
   really fast --- everybody here has characters with all levels at 108),
   so I don't dare to mention all of them to avoid getting them fixed -:)
   -:) -:)
   Is there a list of known bugs?

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