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Re: CF: Bug fixes, minor improvements?

On Dec 15, 10:13pm, Christian Stieber wrote:
> Subject: CF: Bug fixes, minor improvements?
> Hi,

> a) the map bugs are old (there is a typo in the firetemple ("phosphorus is
>    spelled differently fromt the usual crossfire spelling), and a very
>    old bug in the ebony thief guild (the "Fragment of chaos" is not spelled
>    correctly)). I didn't fix the various minor map bugs such as double or
>    missing floors -:)
>    Are these considered bugs, and if so, why are they still there? The
>    ebony thief guild bug was there for a long time... The firetemple
>    seems to be new to 0.93.5, but this means that nobody ever played that
>    map.
>    Also, access to Takisis doesn't require Ying and Yang. I suppose that's
>    not a bug?

 Spelling errors are probably bugs.  But this is the first I have seen of them
(note that an old bug does not necessarily mean it is a well known bug -
especially errors like that which don't really affect gameplay).

 I generally go and fix up missing/extra floors if I am looking at the map and
notice it.

> b) are there any discussions about minor improvements on this list,
>    or is crossfire maintained by a separate group of people?

 I maintain crossfire, but bug fixes/new features come from various sources.
 Most of the people working on the code side are also on the mailing list.

 However, depending on the improvement and how minor it is, it may not really
get discussed, and instead I just get a patch for it.  However, if you want to
discuss changes here, feel free.

> c) what about the "real" bugs? We are exploiting various bugs
>    (such as getting cauldrons with a negative weight, and gaining experience
>    really fast --- everybody here has characters with all levels at 108),
>    so I don't dare to mention all of them to avoid getting them fixed -:)
>    -:) -:)
>    Is there a list of known bugs?

 The TODO list mentions some bugs (the ones that are typically harder to fix.)
 Generally speaking, I will fix the minor bugs if I get a report and can
reproduce it.  In this case, how do you get cauldrons with negative weight?
 And is gaining experience way fast done via bugs in the program, or just maps
that are two easy (both cases are really bugs, but bugs in the program can be
easier to fix than map bugs - fixing the map is done easily enough, but that
doesn't prevent new maps from having the same bug.)

> Christian
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-- Mark Wedel

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