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Re: CF: pet monsters

> I've noticed that with pet (or cult) monsters, many of them will pick
> up and use any weapons or other items that they run into.

That's quite good. Since pet monsters are completely useless, this makes
them a little useful: you can pick up "unreachable" items, provided you
manage to get at least one pet into the area. Then just wait until the pets
have picked up everything, leave the map and kill the pets.
> On the other hand, that behaviour is rather obnoxious.  I would like to
> be able to summon a small army (say 10 monsters) and hand out weapons
> and armour to each pet.

Why? Players are the most dangerous monsters in the game, and even
a pet demilich is more annoying than useful. In particular, most
pets (demiliches, baby dragons) cast spells --- which means they destroy
items. No good.

> The solution to this is to change the logic for monsters picking up
> items.  They should only pick up an item if it looks "better" than
> what they have (though they may get fooled by cursed items).  Perhaps
> this could be done by comparing the cost of the item on the ground with
> the cost of the item they are using.

I don't like this idea, since it makes pets 100% useless instead of
just 99% useless.

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