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CF: pet monsters

I've noticed that with pet (or cult) monsters, many of them will pick
up and use any weapons or other items that they run into.  In some
cases, this can make for a nice vacuum cleaner:  after killing off all
the monsters, summon a pet to pick up all the junk, as he can carry it
without any weight penalty.  Then you can sell it by killing the pet
right outside a shop.  While slightly abusive, it's not really useful
once you start getting powerful enough not to worry about a few hundred

On the other hand, that behaviour is rather obnoxious.  I would like to
be able to summon a small army (say 10 monsters) and hand out weapons
and armour to each pet.  Unfortunately, the first one will take all the

The solution to this is to change the logic for monsters picking up
items.  They should only pick up an item if it looks "better" than
what they have (though they may get fooled by cursed items).  Perhaps
this could be done by comparing the cost of the item on the ground with
the cost of the item they are using.

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