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Re: CF: bags in bags (Re: merging items)

On Dec 22,  9:03pm, Preston F. Crow wrote:
> Subject: Re: CF: bags in bags (Re: merging items)
> I have no trouble putting bags inside bags.  Try filling a bag, dropping
> it, and then picking it up while another bag is active.  It's not
> terribly convenient, as you have to remove the bag from the bag to
> use the bag.  Hmmm.  I might start doing that.

 I think internally, crossfire can handle bags inside of bags without a problem
(it really doesn't care that an object with an inventory is inside another
object which is inside another, etc.)  At one point, there was a problem with
this that would cause the game to crash if a map was saved out with such an
object, but that bug was fixed a long time ago (actual case was a bag frozen
inside an icecube).

 The weight calculations should also work out OK, depending on your point of
view.  The first bag (inside bag) would have its weight reduced as expected,
and when put in the second object, a further reduction could be seen.

 However, there could certainly be some issues of balance and realism here.
 While putting a sack inside the luggage might make sense, it doesn't make
sense that the luggage could be put inside a sack, or another luggage for that

> BTW: In the GreyShield maps (which I don't think are in the standard
> distribution), there's a bag with infinite capacity (and items in it
> don't add to its weight)!  Using that, I can set my pickup mode to
> 'all' (4) and the bag becomes a vacuum cleaner--nice for gaining
> mental experience by identifying everything later.  Personally,
> I think that's a little abusive, though a pouch or quiver with
> infinite capacity might be reasonable.

 Map bugs, while bugs, are in some sense harder to fix.  Crossfire could
certainly be changed so it does some amount of checking on objects to make sure
they are reasonable, but really, that should be up to the map designer. (and
how to define reasonable could be difficult.)  A map that holds infinite amount
and adds no weight is certainly out of balanced (vacuum cleaner mode not
withstanding, it means you could carry all your weapons and armor, and switch
into the appropriate thing depending on what you meet.)

 The greyshield maps are not part of the standard distribution, so not
something I will fix.  You may want to send a note to the map designer - they
may not realize there is such a bug in the maps.

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