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Re: CF: bags in bags (Re: merging items)

> > BTW: In the GreyShield maps (which I don't think are in the standard
> > distribution), there's a bag with infinite capacity (and items in it
> > don't add to its weight)!  Using that, I can set my pickup mode to
> > 'all' (4) and the bag becomes a vacuum cleaner--nice for gaining
> > mental experience by identifying everything later.

There are far better ways to get mental experience in cf 0.93.6 -:)

> >  Personally,
> > I think that's a little abusive, though a pouch or quiver with
> > infinite capacity might be reasonable.

I don't think it's abusive. See below.

> how to define reasonable could be difficult.)  A map that holds infinite amount
> and adds no weight is certainly out of balanced (vacuum cleaner mode not
> withstanding, it means you could carry all your weapons and armor, and switch
> into the appropriate thing depending on what you meet.)

I tend to disagree:
1) we've always picked up and identified everything. Lepred's bag just makes
   things a lot faster, since we can now pick up everything and sort things
   after the map is finished, instead of doing this after every room.
2) there is no need to carry a lot of things in cf. The standard armor
   (mithril chainmail of winter, helmet of xray vision, speed boots,
   gauntlets of dexterity, bracers of dexterity, girdle of the fire god,
   Greyshield, some cloak, is all the armor you need. In addition, one
   usually carries the Dragonbane and Demonslayer, although some of us
   have replaced the Dragonbane with the Axe of B1FF. You also need
   levitation boots handy, golden unicorn horns, and possibly some backup
   equipment for heavy spellcasting (midnight robe, a second ring of Elrond,
   helmet of brilliance, Staff of Magi.
   Any additional equipment is good for showing around ("look! I have the
   Chaossword!"), but useless; so one could just well dump it into an
   It is interesting to note that all characters tend to "converge" into
   using the same armor and weapons. There is some additional standard
   equipment (a ring of Elrond, a ring of Power, Jagre's horn (Greyshield),
   possibly a horn of fire, possibly a heavy rod of steambolt, possibly
   a Rod of Knowledge and a couple of potions. There is no good amulet
   in cf (including Greyshield; we have not explored all of pupland yet),
   but everybody is using an amulet of the Magi.
   Most of these additional items can be carried in a linen bag of
   incredible holding (if Lepred's bag is not available).
   Now, add up the weight of these things --- you shoueld end up with a
   reasonable weight. Lepred's bag won't help a lot here, since most
   of the items are worn or wielded anyway, and ther aren't very many
   items that you could put into a bag.

Of course, I had to change the server to account for Lepred's bag: some
people decided to never clear their bags, which cuased a permanent
appartment effect. So I had to add "overload mode" --- players carrying
to many distinct objects will be punished because bags with 100%
weight reduction will reduce weight by 99% only while the player is

>  The greyshield maps are not part of the standard distribution, so not
> something I will fix.  You may want to send a note to the map designer - they
> may not realize there is such a bug in the maps.

It makes things a lot more fun. Crossfire is boring enough the way it
is now (for expert players); pupland being the only exception since
there are lots and lots of puzzles to solve, as well as a couple of
dangerous places (it is impossible to die in the standard maps, unless
you are really determined to die).

Crossfire needs a lot of changes to be "serious" --- as it is now, it
is a fun game to play, and items such as Lepred's bag are good for that.
There are too many abuses --- we abuse game features all the time, and
nobody around here considers Lepred's bag to be an abuse, simply because
it does not make the game easier, just faster and more fun.

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