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Re: CF: extra keybindings, vs status quo

>>>>[From Scott Wedel]
    I am unsure of the issue.  a-z, A-Z and CTL-A to CTL-Z are all
    perfectly reasonably single chars.  I strongly suggest that
    you allow mapping of keystrokes to commands as an user option.
    I actually mapped shift and control both to missile fire since
    I kept mixing them up and would sometimes run towards monsters
    I had to stay away from and shoot, and sometimes stand there
    shooting where I wanted to run.

Hmm. Okay, that's a fairly reasonable rational to having the
run/fire keys user-definable.

And unmodified keys in the java client are already user-definable.

So, to simplify code (and slightly improve speed, even)
how about keeping it at only that?

user gets to define run/fire keys
user gets to bind unmodified keys to whatever they like

user does NOT get to define things like
  "d is disarm"  "shift/control-d is drop"

Does the game really need a plethora of bindable key combinations?

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