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Re: CF: extra keybindings, vs status quo

> Do people want to be able to bind keys in a case-sensitive manner?
> In other words, are 30+ keys enough, or do people really want 60+ keys
> available?

	I definitely use bindings on almost every key press combination
	there is (like 100+). 

> I think the simplest way to have extra keybindings to to be for shifted
> values. 'a' vs 'shift-a'.  The problem with that, being that you'd then
> have to use alt-<direction> or meta-<direction> for missile fire

	Im not sure what the issue is with not allowing shift-, control-,
	meta-, and alt- keypress combinations. Why does shift-D have
	to be a "fire" key? All we need to provide is that the shift-<move>
	keys allow firing in a certain direction. Similarly, allowing
	contr-<movekey> for runing. I can certainly think of an implementation
	where non-movement keys combined with these modifier keys allow
	you to do something else. I dont think its confusing for the
	client user to have this situation either. 

	I'll take a look at your new code tonight.


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