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CF: Teleport spell


I have now added a teleport spell to crossfire. It's not quite done
(some minor details still missing), but there are some things that I
would like people's opinions about :-)

First of all, here is how it currently works:
- there is a "create portal" spell. Players "invoke create portal of name"
  to create a portal at the place they are standing. The portal is called
  "Player's portal".
- an item named "name" will be added to the player directory.

When the player applies the item, things work like "word of recall" except
that the player will be teleported to the portal.

If the portal is in a map with difficulty >1, it will go away when the
map resets. When a player attempts to teleport to such a portal, the item
will be removed from his inventory. Players can always teleport to
locations on difficulty 1 maps, even if the portal is no longer there.

The item in the inventory is marked as startequipment. When it is dropped,
both the item and the portal are removed.

Intended changes:
  - applying the item should use mana (and possibly start some cool animation)
  - creating a portal in a difficulty 1 map should make a "unique" portal.

a) should the spell be a random spell?
b) what level?
c) how much mana (create portal and teleport)?
d) any other suggestions?

Idea: have some neat animation when the player wants to teleport
(don't know how to implement that yet, though). Freeze the player
during the "word of recall" timeout (after all, your god doesn't help
you, so have to concentrate quite a bit).

Any suggestions?

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