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CF: Re: Crossfire 0.94.2 released

Mark Wedel () wrote:
> added, and it held up pretty good under a bit more playtest than I have
> been subjecting previous released too.

It seems so. Finally a new crossfire version compiled without
problems, and did not crash when I started it.

And the amount of patching I have to do has shrunk quite a bit, too :-)
Just teh apartment patch, and some local map patches :-)

Still, some objects are not merged yet. Is there some sort of informal
"list" telling what objects should not be merged, or is this just
because nobody has fixed the archetypes/maps?

> NOTE 2:  The config file as distributed is set up for only new client/server
> usage.  If you are using old method, you should uncomment the SERVER
> line, and comment out the NO_ADD line.  This is how
> is running.

I guess this means you people are pretty confident that the new cs code
is actually usable now. Which brings me to my question: is there a way
to let players keep their keybindings? Some way of letting players copy
the bindings from a character into their private keybinding file? Or
do I have to tell the players "sorry, you'll have to redo your keybindings"
once the X code is removed from the server?

Other than that, the client seems still quite experimental, considering
that it prints all sorts of stuff that players are not interested in :-(

> have a new archetypes file.  The second reason is that there were a lot of
> formatting changes made, which would make for a fairly large and/or a fairly
> messy patch.

Hm... Ignore whitespace option?

> Added hitback code (looks like it was missing from the NEW_HIT_PLAYER
> code)

Does this mean I just have to stand there to kill monsters? I've always
missed that...

> Bug fix in singing so exp should now be granted the first time singing
> is used on a monster.

Finally :-) You can still get exp multiple times, of course, but it is much
more complicated now, and requires a fair amount of crossfire knowledge.
I'll probably get killed for disclosing this, esp. since nobody else seems
to be interested in disclosing such information :-)

Too bad that the fun is decreasing... finding new ways of getting exp
after some ways have been removed; but it now seems that things get rather
complicated, so we can't afford to post details to the list :-) We don't
know enough ways to get exp to afford loosing one :-)

How about _adding_ some new ways to gain exp fast? That way people could
report some way, you remove them, and add another one so people can still
have fun finding and using it :-)

>   color_ removed from map files.
>   library card cost decreased some.
>   oldcity maps updated to take full advantage of XPM mode..
>   Lake_Country/DA map changed - exp reduced, sp increased.

Hm... suddenly Dark Angel Hanuk (Ithe one with the meteor swarm spellbook
in Lake Country) is casting meteor swarm... he never did that before :-(
Seems one has to get the meteor swarm spellbook from pupland, and get the
golden unicorn horn later on. :-(

I don't see any references to the show invisible bug :-( Seems I still
have to tell people that certain parts of pupland are inaccessible in
crossfire 0.94.x, instead of "crossfire <0.94.2" :-(

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