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CF: Regarding Redhat RPMs


New to the list, now down to the gritty. I have seen in the FAQs and
Players manual that Red-hat RPMs are available "at your local Red-hat
ftp mirror". Ok, this is all fine and dandy, but does anyone have an
address to an FTP server that has RPMs that work on a Redhat linux 4.2
system (p5-120 32MB) with the metroX X server? 
	I have downloaded the .94.0-3.i386 rpms, but when I run them from the
nice little package manager in X they act like they are going to
install, but quickley flashes off the screen and shows not installed. I
looked for the files and sure enough they weren't to be found!
	Also if anyone can lead me to the "main page" for crossfire to keep
up-to-date with the latest and greatest to test.

Thanks alot!

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