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Re: CF: New gods: WHAT???

Christian Stieber wrote:
> excuse my yelling, but just WHAT did you intend to do?  I just
> received a mail where somebody described that he got the immunity to
> cold spell from "Valriel". Ok, maybe. I would never have given this to
> players this way, but that's not my decision. Then I went on
> reading. He prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed... and got
> immunity to quite a few things. [...]

If I am not mistaken, this "feature" is also in 0.94.x, and it
works with almost all gods (not only Valriel or the old Jehovah).
I don't have the code at hand for the moment so I cannot check it,
but what you describe sounds like the "random gifts" that any god
can give to a player that has maximum grace, 25 Wiz and is praying
on an altar of his god: then the god will teach random prayers to
the player.  This includes the various immunities, if your
character has reached the corresponding level.

> Argh! God bless 0.94.3...

Which already has the same "feature", so I do not understand what
you are complaining about...  I fully understand that you complain
about this feature that can easily be abused, but I do not
understand why you are criticizing the recent versions of CF,
because this "random prayer" stuff has existed for at least two
years (if I remember correctly).

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