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CF: Wow....

Hi All,

Man...I am pissin' everywhere in Scorn,  warts are massin' allover
my body and I just got prick with another needle that gave me
athelete's foot.....ARGH...I love this game. My last game(much older 
rev) was not as detailed. It's not that I haven't tried to keep up,
but couldn't get the later revs to work for me, until now.

Hat's off to Crossfire team. I hadn't been able to play this game 
for about two years.  The configure script makes it easier for the
code challanged to continue the saga. I got it to work on an 
SS20/Solaris_7/gcc_2.7.2 compiler. I also got it to work on my
Pentium/Solaris_7/gcc_2.7.2 machine at home.  The daughter(17) likes
this game too.

No Spoilers please......


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