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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Christian Stieber wrote:

> >  I am not positive, but I believe the end result was the armor got moved to the
> > end of some quest, so you actually needed to have some skill to get it.
> No, there were two changes:
> - Mopoons power dragon mail (99 scales) got moved to the end of "some quest".
>   It doesn't make sense to get it anymore (too difficult). The end of the
>   same quest also got the dragonbane --- it looks like people just dump
>   all items there :-)

 That is probably the case.  Ideally, a lot more good quests to complete in
order to spread out the good items would be nice.  The other problem is there
are enough items that are just way too good with no downsides such that is the
item to get and you can ignore anything else basically means that for other less
worthwhile items, you need to put them someplace that is easier than that
particular really good item.  Which at some point, with enough good items, could
result in something like:

 You really want item XXXX, but you aren't powerful enough to get it.  So first,
go and get item AAAA.  With AAAA and exp from getting it, you now and get BBBB,
and after that, you can get XXXX.  Now ZZZZ is really the best there is, and
with XXXX, you can probably get it.

 This may not be a bad thing.  But I would rather like something of the nature
'XXX, YYYY, and ZZZZ are all pretty good items, with advantages/disadvantages. 
If you're a fighter, you may want XXX, while a mage may want ZZZZ.  YYYY isn't
as good for fighters as XXXX, and not as good for mages as ZZZZ, but is more
general purpose.'.

 The general idea would be for really good items to also have some downsides, so
they are not the only item worthwhile in the game.  Most artifacts of fantasy
type books tend to be of the same nature - they are really useful in one regard,
but have some definate bad effects.

> - The 60 scales power dragon mail is now inside a shop, so you need 60 scales
>   and a whole lot of money. Doesn't make sense to get that one either
>   (too expensive).

 The altars should probably be changed to give a discount for items which you
supply some of the parts.  Even in the really old days, getting 5 dragon scales
for normal dragon armor (which was very difficult when the only way to get them
was killing big dragons) tended not to be all that worth it - just might as well
keep an eye in the shops for one to randomly pop up, since it was the same price
either way.

> And while we're at it: don't ever waste money for a dragon mail ---
> it's a random artifact, so you'll get one for free after a while.

 This obviously depends on the amount of money you have.  At some point, all
your stats are maxed out, so the need for stat potions is reduced, and you start
piling up money.

> Almost (the ten armies map). More than one of them is attacking (since
> they just cast over the ones in front of them) though, if they can
> reach you. However, all the monsters (even dragons, which are
> generally considered to be very intelligent!) are extremely stupid in
> crossfire, so they don't find the way to the player. The red dragons
> in that map can't move, but the dreads and the green dragons can ---
> but they are trying to run through the wall and don't find the way
> around it. This is a problem in many maps (and actually helps quite a
> bit in some places...).

 This will likely get improved some point in the future.  But another fact is
that monsters typically won't attack over another - they tend to want a clear
view, and if they don't have it, tend to be less likely to cast. 

> Hm... talking about the wizard tower: one can no longer dimension door
> into it (or out of it). If that is considered a bug fix --- fine. If
> dimension door was a proper way to enter/exit the tower, it should be
> "unfixed" (I suppose the special doors are now "damned"; so to allow
> dimension door the door in question should be "damned 0").

 I just fixed it.

> While talking about the wizard tower another longstanding map bug
> comes to mind: has "High Drow" finally be changed to give some exp? He
> is a dark elf, with a lot of HP and SP, and actually quite dangerous,
> but the map designers forgot to adjust the exp --- so he is a
> dangerous killer which doesn't give any exp (in fact, you only get
> the "<Player> killed High Drow", but not "You killed High Drow", for
> the same reason).

 Just fixed him.
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