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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

>>>>[From Christian Stieber]
    >  This may not be a bad thing.  But I would rather like something of
    > the nature 'XXX, YYYY, and ZZZZ are all pretty good items, with
    > advantages/disadvantages.  If you're a fighter, you may want XXX,
    > while a mage may want ZZZZ.  YYYY isn't as good for fighters as
    > XXXX, and not as good for mages as ZZZZ, but is more general
    > purpose.'.
    The problem with that is that crossfire doesn't have classes. "Mages",
    "Barbarians", "Wizards" etc. differ slightly in the way they get started,
    but everybody (everybody that I know...) starts doing the same things
    and getting the same items _really_ soon (starting at level 7 or so).

there may not be explicit classes, but there are certainly functional
classes.  Why couldn't a weapon have a great combat bonus,b ut a negative
for spellcasting somehow?

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