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Re: CF: Crossfire mailing lists revisted.

David Sundqvist wrote:
> I like the proposal. Two comments; bug reports could be considered
> on-topic for both crossfire-playing and crossfire-programming, since
> 'players' are likely to run across such, and should probably not be
> required to subscribe to the technical list to report them. Discussion
> around fixing bugs should be in crossfire-programming tho.

 I know right now the Kjetil has filters in place so people not on the mailing
lists can not send mail to them (to prevent spam and the like, which is a good
idea.)  I don't know how possible it would be (and Kjetil would have to
comment), but perhaps being on any mailing list should be enough authorization
to send mail to one of the different ones, even if it is not the one you are on.

 So a person on crossfire-playing could send to crossfire-programming even if
they are not on it without problems.

> Perhaps crossfire-development rather than crossfire-programming would be
> more to the point, since a lot of crossfire work would be other than
> programming.

 That works just as well.

> The distinction between the lists would be fairly good; crossfire-playing
> is about the game as it is, the other is about changing/improving the
> game.

 That was my revised idea.  It basically splits the current list into 2 fairly
distinct new lists.  If down the road further splitting is deemed reasonable,
then it can be done.
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