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Re: CF: Crossfire mailing lists revisted.

[David Sundqvist]

>   I like the proposal. Two comments; bug reports could be considered
>   on-topic for both crossfire-playing and crossfire-programming,
>   since 'players' are likely to run across such, and should probably
>   not be required to subscribe to the technical list to report
>   them. Discussion around fixing bugs should be in
>   crossfire-programming tho.

[Mark Wedel]

>    I know right now the Kjetil has filters in place so people not on
>   the mailing lists can not send mail to them (to prevent spam and
>   the like, which is a good idea.)  I don't know how possible it
>   would be (and Kjetil would have to comment), but perhaps being on
>   any mailing list should be enough authorization to send mail to
>   one of the different ones, even if it is not the one you are on.

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

[David Sundqvist]

>   Perhaps crossfire-development rather than crossfire-programming
>   would be more to the point, since a lot of crossfire work would be
>   other than programming.

I agree, but it's awfully long.  I originally suggested
crossfire-workers, but crossfire-devel is a good alternative.  (I find
"devel" works better than the corresponding abbreviation "prog" ;-)

Kjetil T.
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