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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Anthony Thyssen wrote:
> Christian Stieber on  wrote...
> | > there may not be explicit classes, but there are certainly functional
> | > classes.  Why couldn't a weapon have a great combat bonus,b ut a negative
> | > for spellcasting somehow?
> |
> | No problem with that --- but this won't change anything, since you can
> | a) just unwield the weapon when you want to cast spells
> | b) crossfire is biased towards fighters --- even wizards and priests
> |    stop using spells after a while

 One cause of b is probably that there are more artifacts to make someone a
better fighter than spellcaster.

 For example, for fighters, you can include to hit, damage, ac, speed, strength,
dex, con (overall speed), and so on.

 The best that can be done for most spellcasters is increasing some spellcasting
stats (which doesn't make the spells really do more damage - just might make
them easier to learn and/or the ability to cast more).  The only thing that
would make a bit better spellcaster is being aligned with a spellpath, and not
many things do that.

 And while the idea of having different items that you might want to wield at
different times is a good idea, making it so that you want to/need to switch
every couple steps would just be a pain.  My idea for mixed artifacts would be 
more that you are heading to fight demons, you might choose the items better
against demons, cold attacktype, etc.  So the choice would be more in terms when
you head out to the dungeon, and not individual actions in the dungeon.

> |
> | The problem with classes is probably rather simple: other RPGs usually
> | have parties, so a wizard (being unable to wear most armor/weapon
> | items and a very bad fighter anyway) is protected by other party
> | members such as warriors or dwarves. These can't cast at all --- but
> | they don't need to, since elves and wizards can. So each class has
> | strengths and weaknesses, but since the player controls a group of
> | characters he can choose a good combination. In crossfire the player
> | just controls one single character, so that character has to be able
> | to do everything --- a RPG wizard would be very difficult to play, and
> | a RPG warrior would not be the best choice either. That's why crossfire
> | barbarians can cast spells just as well as crossfire wizards.

 That is somewhat true.  If you look at other games closer to nethack or games
in which you really control one character, it is similar to crossfire - the
character can really do anything, and the class you choose basically determines
starting disposition.

> |
> Prehaps Barbarian's should be a `challenge class' with NO MAGIC (almost
> spells paths denied) and a natural `magic resistance'.  EG; a true RPG
> warrior.
> In that same sense the challenge class `fireborn' is closer to a more
> traditional RPG spellcaster than `wizards'.

 Right now, there are probably too many classes without a big distinction
between them (fighter, warrior, barbarian, ...).

 One reason why all the classes can become good spellcasters is because the easy
availability of stat increasing potions.  That barbarian that started with a
really low int/pow still suffers a bit because his max is a bit lower, but come
10-15'th level, he can max out all his stats and be pretty darn good - this is
even more true for other classes which are less distinct.

 The other fact is that fighters weapon speed can get very quickly at high
levels (3+ even without great artifacts), so that can easily be 3 attacks, each
doing 50+ damage in one tick.  By comparison, spells use normal speed I believe,
which tends to be more difficult to get really high speed.  I am also not sure
how spells compare with damage - most seem large area affect, which probably
isn't really useful as the high level questions tend to have just a few tough
monsters at the end, so big area of affect isn't need - rather something potent
to just hit the monster with.

 The other advantage to fighters is most tough creatures are made immune to a
lot of stuff, so in some cases, a spell caster may not have anything to damage a
monster.  In comparison, there is probably enough artifacts out there to cover
all the attacktypes without much difficulty.

 The fix really depends on what the problem is seen as.  IF the problem is seen
that to early on, character max out all their stats, removing stat potions or
just limiting use - you could basically set up a table that says that maximum
total stats for the character at any given level is some value.  So at level 10
when they get money for the potions, they could either choose to become that
really good fighter or whatever, or choose to be more general.

 The artifacts just really need to be cleaned up/redone for the additional of
skills and numerous other changes that have happened over time.
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