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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Mark Wedel on  wrote...
|  That is somewhat true.  If you look at other games closer to nethack
|  or games in which you really control one character, it is similar to
|  crossfire - the character can really do anything, and the class you
|  choose basically determines starting disposition.
And here is where the BIG difference comes.

Nethack has lots of items, AND can have stats rasied. BUT it is
difficult and rare to get the different items. You have to work hard to
get the good stuff.

Ever tryed playing one of the easiest characters like Barbarian, or
Valkiery, then tries one of the hard ones like tourist and healer, and
you quick see that they are very different.

Then the archologist with its canning kit and pick axe plays different
again, with all those levels being tunneled all over the place!

In Nethack the difference here is -- Control.  They can't just go out 
and enter a easy dungeon and get this up beuate kill anything item.
And they can't even get into the quest until they have reached a certain

|  One reason why all the classes can become good spellcasters is
|  because the easy availability of stat increasing potions.  That
|  barbarian that started with a really low int/pow still suffers a bit
|  because his max is a bit lower, but come 10-15'th level, he can max
|  out all his stats and be pretty darn good - this is even more true
|  for other classes which are less distinct.
And this is what needs to be done.

First the `average stat' needs to be reduced so that someong with a
normal stat of 10 is not so ham strung.  

Second the increate stat potions need to become quite rare.

Hmm the stat increase potion in nethack has an increadably LOW chance of
being generated, but then characters don't know what potions are when
they start either.

  Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
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