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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

> Of course you donīt really want to squeeze this into the current
> archetype implementation. Esp. "ego"-artifacts would either need
> sophisticated scripting capabilities or special code inside the
> server. And thatīs what I think is _really_ necessary --- twiddling
> with stat+ and unwield-chances and "if this item gives foo then it
> doesnīt like an item which gives bar" is too static to be really
> interesting. This kind of stuff also (usually) is very annoying or
> doesnīt change much, since everything works the same way. Itīs
> boring --- a dragonbane wonīt be a "dragonbane", it will just be
> another weapon with the standard "slay dragon" properties. A player is
> more likely to accept/_like_ restrictions if they are more unique,
> have interesting features --- and if a dragonbane is more than just a
> dragonslayer with more damage. 

> Difference, personality, background story.

...implies a hell of a lot of work. I very much like the points you've
made, but I still think there should be a fallback case where if a
mapmaker doesn't want to bother with creating a whole mythos behind his
kickbutt new artifacts, then the game will choose some default behavior.
Unless someone's going to volunteer to fix all existing artifacts, and
police new ones.

A scripting language for this sort of thing would be very cool, though.

your FlameBlade +5 winks at your ring of Fire +1

your figurine of the Elder Dragon growls at your Dragonbane

your ring of Fire +1 winks at your FlameBlade +5

your FlameBlade +4 purrs at your ring of Fire +2

your figurine of the Elder Dragon just ate your Dragonbane

your FlameBlade +3 can no longer be equipped separately from your ring
of Fire +3

your figurine of the Elder Dragon with a Bellyache looks at you
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