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CF: What do you want?

On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 05:43:53PM +0000, Steve Fink wrote:
> > Of course you don´t really want to squeeze this into the current
> > archetype implementation. Esp. "ego"-artifacts would either need
> > ...> 
> > Difference, personality, background story.
> ...implies a hell of a lot of work.

Sure. So maybe the real question is: should crossfire stay like it is
_now_ (-> only a few minor changes), or _should_ there be some
redesign on a larger scale?

The first option means _much_ less work (for whoeveer is doing it :-)).

The latter means a whole bunch of work (definitely too much for the
0.95 -> 1.0 version range); it even makes sense to dump the whole
thing and start all over again: the "make a version 1, dump it, and
make a version 2 based on the things you´ve learned from version 1"
scheme, starting with a proper development cycle such as designing
the thing before coding it :-)
This would, as a sideeffect, clean up the code as well --- after all,
crossfire has grown over the years; new features have been patched
in, variables (structure fields, in particular) have been re-used
over and over again causing problems (the speed bug, the how-to-get-
personality-exp-more-than-once-even-after-it-has-been-fixed abuse
and probably others). The server contains code for map-bugs; there
is no documentation telling whether something that can be done is
a bug or a feature, etc.


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