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Re: CF: RE: Footprints (was: Long term experimental ideas)

> And would seriously break the alternative cone propagation I've been
> working on.  Under this alternate system, cones get weaker as they
> progress, not stronger, and they are absorbed and weakened faster for
> each creature they hit.  They are also weakened by each square of a
> large creature they hit, and I'm thinking of basing the amount of
> damage absorbed on the mass of the creature.  That way one dragon
> might block most of an icestorm, protecting the dragons behind him,
> but it would cut through several ranks of minor demons before
> weakening significantly.

I agree that your alternate cone system makes sense, but the
effect of it will be to weaken mages.  Do we really want to do

Secondly, I propose that a graded protection scheme would work
better for tuning the damage big monsters take from area-effect
spells.  Right now, we can have 2x, 1x, 50%, and 0% damage being
taken from a spell.  If a big monster can take 5% or 15% damage from
area-effect spells, we can tune how well they work against him
very finely.

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