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Re: CF: RE: Footprints (was: Long term experimental ideas)

> I agree that your alternate cone system makes sense, but the
> effect of it will be to weaken mages.  Do we really want to do
> that?

lets pretend we've aleay upped the regen rate to a reasonable
level or your're at POW 29.

this could prove an advantage: you could fry/freeze/zap a 
rather large quantity of monsters w/o destryoing the treasure
at the other end of the room.

> Secondly, I propose that a graded protection scheme would work
> better for tuning the damage big monsters take from area-effect
> spells.  Right now, we can have 2x, 1x, 50%, and 0% damage being
> taken from a spell.  If a big monster can take 5% or 15% damage from
> area-effect spells, we can tune how well they work against him
> very finely.

just base it on the number of squares the monster occupies.  makes
it simple: each square is a certian distance from the caster and
therefore has some damage (inverse square law would work nicely
here, BTW, and is rather easy to calculate via spellpower/numsquare
at each radius).  you could simply check if the square is occupied,
figure the current spell potency and add that much damage to whatever
occupies the square.  since this is run single-threaded there isn't
too much problem with multi-square items since they just get updated
more than once.

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