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CF: God of Magic or energy shops? I prefer the latter. Also re: priests

> > > - Magic Recharge
> > > 
> > > Since nobody has said much of anything about my proposed god of magic,
> > 
> > Er, well, I'll comment now.  I've  no problem with the technical stuff:
> > i.e., places to recharge sp, etc., but I'd prefer they be called (and
> > thought of) as mage guilds.
> I had no intention of replacing mage guilds with temples of magic.

Well, my main point, which I failed to make clearly (sorry!) was
that I object to the creation of a God of Magic.  If magic comes
from a God, why should mana be different from grace?

I'm in favor of spellpoint regeneration operations, but I'd like
them to be mercantile rather than religious--energy shops rather
than temples.  In this way we don't have to deal with the
theological implications of inducting a new god just for magic.

By "mage guild"  all I meant was "place where you can get your
spellpoints recharged."

To summarize, I like the idea of places to regenerate mana faster,
but please don't make a god of magic, and please don't call them

> For example, can anyone just walk into the mage guild to use the
> recharge station?  Or are only mages allowed to enter?  Is there some

Sure, if we think of them as shops.

***New topic:  priests and mage spells (was re Grenade/holy grenade

> > I would rather see the maps fixed, therefore, and in fact, I wrote
> > the random map generator with just this issue in mind.  Even with
> > the current mapset, there's nothing really "wrong" with having one
> > religion be more useful than others.
> You're right.  Adding maps and/or creatures would probably be a better
> solution.  I wasn't aware of this usage of the random map generator.

Which religions particularly have problems finding stuff to advance
in a priestly way?

> Neither of these spells is really necessary, or even particularly
> interesting, if other means of balancing priests and mages with the
> warrior classes are pursued.  Changing the nature and/or rarity of
> magic immunity would be an important step in making mages more
> playable, and adding more quests and generic dungeons suited to the
> various religions would be another.

There are at least 3 mage spells which work *spectacularly* well on
magic-immune monsters.

Create bomb makes a physical-only attack.
comet (a spell which results from a quest) strikes with weaponmagic, and
  in fact, I use it regularly to kill beholders.  The fireball attack
  is magic|fire, so the secondary attack does no damage.
meteor swarm does a number on the larger magic-immune monsters.  It's
  a dangerous spell to use, but devastastatingly effective, *especially*
  in combination with power crystals and spells for creating certain 
  magical devices.  It's just a mildly cheaper/faster way to get lots
  of comets.  This spell also results from the completion of some quest or

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