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CF: Proposed altar change

 If you have any adjustments/changes. I should make to the proposed change
below, please let me know.

 Problem:  Altars show up all over the place consecrated to random gods - this
can make praying on the wrong space dangerous as there may be an unknown altar
on that space consecrated to some other god.

 Change:  remove what was really meant to be a temporary measure of randomly
consecrating altars. General breakdown of changes:

 define.h:  Add new object type - HOLY_ALTAR
 arch/indoor/altars:   Change type to HOLY_ALTAR above.
 common/map.c: remove random baptizing of altars
 server/apply.c: Split off HOLY_ALTAR logic from standard ALTAR logic -
ALTARS will only be sacrificial items connected to other objects (or spell
casting objects), and not something to pray over.
 some other files:  Change check type from ALTAR to HOLY_ALTAR as appropriate.

 I don't think this should break any maps - the special altars that will have
their type changed are not used in many maps, and of those that they are used on
(temples), I don't think the change will break anything.

 This will reduce the number of altars you can pray over in the dungeon - I am
not sure that is  a bad thing - having altars to random gods in the dungeons
seems fairly unrealistic - even worse is right now, two altars can be right next
to each other to opposing gods.

 IT may be nice for the random_map generator to make use of these altars - I am
not sure if it already does, as I haven't taken a look - if it does, that is
great, and doesn't create any problems.
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