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Re: CF: Proposed altar change

 I've made changes to the CVS repository differentiate normal altars from
holy_altars.  Here is a copy from the CHANGES file.  Note that the entry isn't
directly related to the change, but just a bug I found while making the changes.

common/arch.c, common/loader.l (loader.c):  Modify the load routines
to strip off trailing whitespace in object names and other_arch fields -
I believe this is why altars to Sorig did not generally work, and while
generally that white space should not exist, doing a little extra checking
for it is not a bad idea - MSW 4/26/2000

Add HOLY_ALTAR type, and use that for praying over for gods and the
doc/crossfire.doc:  Add description of HOLY_ALTAR type and meaning
        of fields.
common/map.c:  Disable consecration code for altars.
include/define.h: Add type for HOLY_ALTAR
include/sproto.h: Update for change of some functions below.
server/c_wiz.c:  Modify setgod command to call become_follower with
        proper second arg.
server/gods.c: Change become_follower to take object pointer to god instead
        of name, since the holy_altar has the pointer in its other_arch.
        Modify pray_at_altar to use the new fields, as well as fixed
        what seemed to be numerous bugs in that function.
sever/skills.c: Change check from ALTAR to HOLY_ALTAR, also change
        check to see if HOLY_ALTAR is consecrated by looking at the
        other_arch field.
server/spell_effect.c:  Update consecrate so that caster must be
        higher effective level than the altar, also update for
        differing fields.
maps/thomas/sisters/shrine0, map/thomas/sisters/tower0:  Remove
        title from altars on these maps - these were the only two maps
        using old style altars consecrated to a god.  Since it appears the
        real purpose of the altars on these maps was to trigger something
        else, they were kept as old style altars.
arch/gods/altars (relocated from arch/indoors, as I think the new
        location makes more logical sense):  Update for new fields/format.
        This also affects lib/archetypes, lib/bmaps.paths, lib/crossfire.xpm,
lib/adm/  Modified to hunt out old archetypes - some of the
        changes could be useful in general cases.
MSW 4/26/2000
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