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Re: Disease spells

> > Possibly.  Maybe squares that block view should stop the targeting
> > beam?  That would make it kinda dangerous to pull that stunt in the
> > dragonhangar.  You'd at least have to quaff a couple immunities first.
> >  But the key danger of disease spells is backfire infection... and
> > perhaps, cure disease should have a BOUND(5, 50 + (5 * (disease->level
> > - caster->level)), 95)% chance of success instead?  Although, that
> > would make high-level diseases almost too dangerous to use (my Ebola
> > can spread from 5+ spaces away!)
> the diseases should never go through walls or fences as they do nowadays. that
> would help in getting rid of that easy exp in hangar & jessy zoo. this leaves
> the devourers still too powerfull since they are immune to diseases (undead).
> all undead monsters should also be made immune for diseases. think about a
> demonlord dying in a ebola? just how could a virus kill an monster who is
> beyond the grave?
devourer casting diseases? devourer isnt atuned wounding ie he wont hand
out disease spells. and the only race which seems undead, ie wraith,
should perhaps be immune to diseases, which it isnt atm.
undead monsters though are immune, demons arent undead, but could perhaps
be discusable if they should be effected being 'otherworldly'...

> > > Second attempt I switchd skill to findtrap after I cast my plague, and
> > > what do you know, all the xp from the monsters that got infected after
> > > I switched ended up in the 'new' skill.
> >
> > The experience object pointer needs to be set in the diseases to fix
> > this bug, it was in create bomb a while back as well.

it still works with a rod of create bomb