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Re: Disease spells

> > > > Second attempt I switchd skill to findtrap after I cast my plague, and
> > > > what do you know, all the xp from the monsters that got infected after
> > > > I switched ended up in the 'new' skill.
> > >
> > > The experience object pointer needs to be set in the diseases to fix
> > > this bug, it was in create bomb a while back as well.

> it still works with a rod of create bomb

A rod binds to the 'use magic item' skill, which doesn't have an 
associated exp-object.  Not much can be done about this until the 
exp-object pointers are reliably used everywhere, at that point 
anything which would award exp could simply not award it if no 
exp-object is specified, rather than awarding it to whichever skill is 
applied.  Alternatively, one could make that change immediately, and 
wait for players to swear at us about not getting xp for things... it 
would certainly seal the exploit. :-)