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Re: Multiple attack types w/same weapon, disease code too

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Rick Tanner wrote:

> I found an old post, and if I understand this correctly, a player should
> _not_ be able to use an alter(s) to give one weapon multiple attack types.
> But, judging by what Magnus Kronhamn said, this is possible..
> (
> > of course one changes gods to get all the fun attacktypes on ones
> > favorite weapons.
> Am I correct on this?  Or just misunderstanding the referenced Post??

well I almost always get atleast weaponmagic and drain/death/depletion
on any weapon I plan to use more then temporarily, and as many as I can,
except fear/confusion, when I get up a bit and start getting nice weapons.

not sure how people pland this or even want it, but would seem logical to
me atleast if one set up some kind of 'animosity' between some damage
types so for instance you couldnt have a weapon do both fire and cold...

the possible downpoint to this is that most everyone when they close in on
max-lvls they build up their own weapon to max the interesting stats and
whatever one wants, and since its quite an effort to make a really kickass
weapon one wants to put on all damagekinds to make it usuably everywhere

> ----------
> Disease Code:
> I also found some of the original posts on the Disease code, thought you
> might be interested since you are discussing it so much ;)

thanks for the links to those old posts, especially liked the points
about the diseases being put in despite them not being 'finished'
which has kinda been my feeling for a while...

 // Magnus K