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Re: Multiple attack types w/same weapon, disease code too

Magnus Kronhamn wrote:

> On Tue, 30 May 2000, Rick Tanner wrote:
> > I found an old post, and if I understand this correctly, a player should
> > _not_ be able to use an alter(s) to give one weapon multiple attack types.
> >
> > But, judging by what Magnus Kronhamn said, this is possible..
> > (
> > > of course one changes gods to get all the fun attacktypes on ones
> > > favorite weapons.
> > Am I correct on this?  Or just misunderstanding the referenced Post??
> well I almost always get atleast weaponmagic and drain/death/depletion
> on any weapon I plan to use more then temporarily, and as many as I can,
> except fear/confusion, when I get up a bit and start getting nice weapons.
> not sure how people pland this or even want it, but would seem logical to
> me atleast if one set up some kind of 'animosity' between some damage
> types so for instance you couldnt have a weapon do both fire and cold...

I think that those multiple attacktypes should be enabled for us high level
players to have something to do when all quests have been taken. some
improvements have to be done though since I consider this dagger of mine a bit
too powerfull a weapon...

That is Raistlin's dagger of fortune of Mostrai +12 (wielded)
(Str+3)(Dex+4)(Con+7)(Wis+6)(Cha+4)(Pow+3)(dam+2)(improved 23/119)(luck+3)(slay
goblin,giant)(Attacks: physical, electricity, drain, weaponmagic, depletion,

well... it doesnt even have all the possible attacktypes since that requires a
certain order in creation. there seem to be some of those older artifact weapons
which still can be used for the weaponbuilder like that dagger of fortune +4
(cha+4)(luck+3). I don't know if that is a bad thing at all if we just have the
monsters and places like arena where weapons like this are needed. it seems
funny though  that with this weapon my mage (str, dex, con, int, wis, pow 30 and
cha 17) kills a titan or cyclops and a mage with only one hit. the char has
physical level 80. his wc is -94 and damage 121... I guess there is some kind of
overflow somewhere or? or is there some kinda critical hits in high levels?? it
kills other monsters fast as well but titans, cyclops and wizards die with one
hit all the time.

the monster list and the weaponlist should be checked and balanced for the time
beeing. I have the feeling that there are even more of those nice features when
one goes more deeply in testing...

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