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MapCell Struct Reference

#include <mapdata.h>

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Data Fields

guint8 cleared:1
guint8 darkness
guint8 have_darkness:1
struct MapCellLayer heads [MAXLAYERS]
guint8 need_resmooth:1
guint8 need_update:1
guint8 smooth [MAXLAYERS]
struct MapCellTailLayer tails [MAXLAYERS]

Detailed Description

The heads[] in the mapcell is used for single part objects or the head piece for multipart. The easiest way to think about it is that the heads[] contains the map information as specifically sent from the server. For the heads value, the size_x and size_y represent how many spaces (up and to the left) that image extends into. The tails are values that the client fills in - if we get a big head value, we fill in the tails value so that the display logic can easily redraw one space. In this case, the size_ values are offsets that point to the head. In this way, the draw logic can look at the size of the image, look at these values, and know what portion of it to draw.

Definition at line 55 of file mapdata.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cleared

◆ darkness

guint8 MapCell::darkness

◆ have_darkness

guint8 MapCell::have_darkness

◆ heads

◆ need_resmooth

guint8 MapCell::need_resmooth

◆ need_update

◆ smooth

guint8 MapCell::smooth[MAXLAYERS]

◆ tails

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