Crossfire Client, Trunk  R21199
Stat_Mapping Struct Reference

#include <client.h>

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Data Fields

guint8 cs_value
guint8 rc_offset
const char * widget_suffix

Detailed Description

The usage of the stat_mapping is to simplify the code and make it easier to expand. Within the character creation, the different stats really do not have any meaning - the handling is pretty basic - value user has selected + race adjust + class adjustment = total stat.

Definition at line 576 of file client.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cs_value

guint8 Stat_Mapping::cs_value

Definition at line 578 of file client.h.

Referenced by process_race_class_info().

◆ rc_offset

guint8 Stat_Mapping::rc_offset

Definition at line 579 of file client.h.

Referenced by on_combobox_rcs_changed(), and process_race_class_info().

◆ widget_suffix

const char* Stat_Mapping::widget_suffix

Definition at line 577 of file client.h.

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