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nlohmann Namespace Reference

namespace for Niels Lohmann More...


 detail namespace with internal helper functions

Data Structures

struct  adl_serializer
 default JSONSerializer template argument More...
class  basic_json
 a class to store JSON values More...
class  byte_container_with_subtype
 an internal type for a backed binary type More...
class  json_pointer
 JSON Pointer. More...
struct  json_sax
 SAX interface. More...
struct  ordered_map


using json = basic_json<>
 default JSON class More...
using ordered_json = basic_json< nlohmann::ordered_map >
 ordered JSON class More...


 user-defined to_string function for JSON values More...

Detailed Description

namespace for Niels Lohmann

See also
version 1.0.0

namespace to hold default to_json function to see why this is required:

Typedef Documentation

◆ json

using nlohmann::json = typedef basic_json<>

default JSON class

This type is the default specialization of the basic_json class which uses the standard template types.

version 1.0.0

Definition at line 3404 of file json.hpp.

◆ ordered_json

ordered JSON class

This type preserves the insertion order of object keys.

version 3.9.0

Definition at line 3416 of file json.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ to_string()

NLOHMANN_BASIC_JSON_TPL_DECLARATION std::string nlohmann::to_string ( const NLOHMANN_BASIC_JSON_TPL j)

user-defined to_string function for JSON values

This function implements a user-defined to_string for JSON objects.

[in]ja JSON object
a std::string object

Definition at line 26319 of file json.hpp.

Referenced by nlohmann::basic_json::at(), nlohmann::detail::binary_writer< BasicJsonType, CharType >::calc_bson_array_size(), nlohmann::detail::binary_writer< BasicJsonType, CharType >::calc_bson_entry_header_size(), nlohmann::detail::parse_error::create(), nlohmann::detail::exception::diagnostics(), nlohmann::basic_json::diff(), nlohmann::basic_json::erase(), nlohmann::json_pointer< BasicJsonType >::flatten(), nlohmann::detail::serializer< BasicJsonType >::for(), nlohmann::detail::binary_reader< BasicJsonType, InputAdapterType, SAX >::get_bson_binary(), nlohmann::detail::binary_reader< BasicJsonType, InputAdapterType, SAX >::get_bson_string(), nlohmann::json_pointer< BasicJsonType >::get_checked(), nlohmann::json_pointer< BasicJsonType >::get_unchecked(), nlohmann::detail::int_to_string(), nlohmann::basic_json::meta(), nlohmann::detail::exception::name(), nlohmann::json_pointer< BasicJsonType >::operator/=(), nlohmann::basic_json::patch(), nlohmann::detail::parse_error::position_string(), nlohmann::detail::json_sax_dom_parser< BasicJsonType >::start_array(), nlohmann::detail::json_sax_dom_callback_parser< BasicJsonType >::start_array(), nlohmann::detail::json_sax_dom_parser< BasicJsonType >::start_object(), nlohmann::detail::json_sax_dom_callback_parser< BasicJsonType >::start_object(), nlohmann::detail::binary_writer< BasicJsonType, CharType >::write_bson_array(), and nlohmann::detail::binary_writer< BasicJsonType, CharType >::write_bson_unsigned().

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