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AuthorRevisionsLines of CodeAdded Lines of CodeLines of Code per Change
mwedel59 (48.8%) 7902 (63.9%) 9601 (60.5%) 133.93
ryo_saeba14 (11.6%) 303 (2.4%) 558 (3.5%) 21.64
akirschbaum14 (11.6%) 900 (7.3%) 1340 (8.4%) 64.29
tchize11 (9.1%) 2536 (20.5%) 2894 (18.2%) 230.55
cavesomething8 (6.6%) 244 (2.0%) 263 (1.7%) 30.50
gros6 (5.0%) 297 (2.4%) 528 (3.3%) 49.50
temitchell5 (4.1%) 32 (0.3%) 512 (3.2%) 6.40
qal212 (1.7%) 42 (0.3%) 61 (0.4%) 21.00
tanner1 (0.8%) 8 (0.1%) 8 (0.1%) 8.00
garbled1 (0.8%) 111 (0.9%) 111 (0.7%) 111.00

Commit Log

2/20/06 5:33 PMqal21
Cause the random map generator to skip certain elements if the style is set to "none". (1 Files changed, 10 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/random-maps 1.6 (+10 -5)
2/19/06 7:31 AMakirschbaum
Document 'nosmooth' attribute. (1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/map-technical 1.4 (+2 -0)
2/7/06 7:52 PMcavesomething
add arrest command, and regional jails (1 Files changed, 10 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/regions 1.4 (+10 -3)
2/7/06 1:54 AMmwedel
Code that adds transports. Transports are described more in detail in
loader.l: Add new move type ('boat'). Update move_name field to be aware of
this type.
common/object.c: Unrelated to transport, but more apparant with transports -
fix bug with insert_ob_in_map() and multipart objects - we now only
try to fix up map and coordinates if the provided coordinates are
out of the map. Before, function would always use the passed
map for multipart objects, which is incorrect if we have already
set valid coordinates.
doc/Developers/objects: Update notes for TRANSPORTS. Update move
information to include MOVE_BOAT.
include/define.h: Add type TRANSPORT. Add MOVE_BOAT.
include/player.h: Add transport field to player structure.
include/sproto.h: rebuilt.
server/apply.c: Add code to handle applying of transports. Update
apply_below to apply transport if player is on one.
server/attack.c: Update hit_map() to look for transports, and hit any
players with the damage.
server/c_object.c: Update put_object_in_sack() to also handle TRANSPORTS
so that code can be re-used.
server/move.c: Fix handling of multipart objects in move_object() -
old code didn't work right with multipart objects moving along seams
of tiled maps. Add code to move_ob() to update player map position
for all players in a moving transport.
server/player.c: Update move_player_attack() too check of player is
in tranport, and use that for map and location information. Update
move_player() to handle speed related issues with transports.
server/time.c: Add code to credit time back to TRANSPORT objects since
we remove time in move_player() for TRANSPORTS.
socket/item.c: Add add_object_to_socklist() so that same code isn't
reproduced in 3 different places in the file. Update draw_look()
to handle transports - send transport object itself, then objects
in transport. Update esrv_send_inventory() and esrv_send_item()
to use add_object_to_socklist(). Update esrv_get_ob_from_count() to look
for objects in transport if player is in transport.
socket/loop.c: Remove checking of pl->map status, since draw_client_map()
does that, and we need to handle if the player is in a transport.
socket/request.c: Handle map drawing if player is in a transport.
MSW 2006-02-06
(1 Files changed, 25 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.20 (+25 -21)
2/4/06 11:27 PMmwedel
movement type changes. Add move_allow field to explicitly allow certain
movement types on spaces. Add suppport for using string names instead
of numeric values to specify the MOVE_ values. Add code so when saving
data out, use string names instead of numeric value.
common/loader.l: Remove save_double(), as it isn't used by any code.
Add set_move() to set movement types from strings.
Add get_string_move_type, which takes integer movement type and
returns a string. Update load and save code to use these functions
common/map.c: Change blocked_link() so that we only examine all the objects
on a space if there is something alive on the space or space is otherwise
blocked. There is no reason to examine all the objects on the space if
the object in question can move onto it.
Modify update_position() to use the move_allow field to clear bits
in the move_block field.
common/object.c: Add check in CAN_MERGE for move_allow. Add check for
move_allow in update_object to see if we should update the space or
doc/Developers/objects: Update Movement code section to note use of using
strings to set movement types. Add note about move_allow. Section
about Transports added, but code isn't there yet.
include/object.h: Add move_allow to object structure.
MSW 2006-02-04
(1 Files changed, 133 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.19 (+133 -1)
1/30/06 11:00 AMcavesomething
prevent unlimited login attempts by dropping the connection after too many password failures. Document the itemcmd setup flag, and improve that for the item and item2 commands (1 Files changed, 10 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/protocol 1.17 (+10 -3)
1/13/06 2:59 PMakirschbaum
Fix mismatch 'client' and 'server' in darkness setup option. (1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/protocol 1.16 (+3 -3)
1/9/06 1:35 PMcavesomething
spell listing support (1 Files changed, 96 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/protocol 1.15 (+96 -2)
11/16/05 2:16 AMmwedel
Commit for new blocking code. Not going to dictate all the changes -
but will outline the broad points. Note also that the
doc/Developers/objects is updated and goes into more details also.
- check for P_WALL no longer used - instead, need to use GET_MAP_MOVE_BLCOK
and check against movement type of objects.
- arch_blocked() changed to ob_blocked(), now takes object. Needed because
just looking at archetype move_ values is no longer sufficient.
- find_first_free_spot() changed to take object, since it just calls
- FLAG_FLYING removed, now in move type.
- walk_on/walk_off/fly_on/fly_off removed - now based on move_on and
move_off fields.
- Map space structure extended to hold the move_on/move_off, etc
values so that we can shortcut some processing by not having to
check every object on the space when something enters it if
move_on isn't set.
- archetypes recollected - boulders needed move_walk to properly trigger
- Note that the new plugin code has to be fixed up for the new movement
code. Look for FIXME in plugins/cfpython/cfpython_object.c
MSW 2005-11-15
(1 Files changed, 35 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.18 (+35 -2)
11/5/05 4:17 AMakirschbaum
aclocal.m4, configure, utils/config.guess, utils/config.sub, utils/,
*, plugins/cfanim/Makefile, plugins/Makefile: Rebuilt.
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/ 1.18 (+1 -1)
10/18/05 11:54 AMgros
Upgrade of the Crossfire server to version 2.0 of the plugin interface.
Upgrade of the Python plugin to version 2.0 of the plugin interface.
Gros - 18/10/05
(2 Files changed, 222 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/plugins 1.4 (+10 -6)
doc/Developers/python 1.9 (+212 -155)
10/2/05 10:29 PMcavesomething
add support for specialised shops (2 Files changed, 126 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/shops 1.1 added 123
doc/Developers/map-technical 1.3 (+3 -0)
9/25/05 1:36 PMryo_saeba
Changed quest system, needs tweaks and fixes. (1 Files changed, 11 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/quests 1.2 (+11 -48)
9/15/05 8:02 PMqal21
Allow directors/movers to specify a specific arch/name/race. (1 Files changed, 51 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.17 (+51 -14)
9/13/05 1:46 AMmwedel
This change is mostly cosmetic and a preparation for the new movement
type code. Basically, it just changes the old object movement_type
field to attack_movement. This makes sense because that is what that
field is called in saved and loaded objects/archetypes, and thus
frees up that name for the new movement code.
common/button.c: field name change
common/loader.{cl}: field name change
doc/Developers/objects: Add section on new movement types, update old
documentation to note it is attack_movement and not movement_type
field that is important.
include/object.h: field name change.
server/attack.c: field name change.
server/monster.c: field name change
server/pets.c: field name change
server/skills.c: field name change.
server/spell_attack.c: field name change
server/spell_effect.c: field name change
MSW 2005-09-12
(1 Files changed, 74 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.16 (+74 -3)
8/31/05 4:53 PMakirschbaum
Fix bug #1102991 (Duplicate grapical display of the same monster):
doc/Developers/protocol: Change semantics of map_scroll command to what the
server actually does: big faces outside the viewable area are cleared. Add
newmap command.
include/newserver.h: Increase MAX_HEAD_OFFSET to 8 (the size of a Greater
MapRedrawCmd(): Disable mapredraw command; it is now just ignored.
MapNewmapCmd(): Clear map state before sending newmap command.
check_head(): Remove redundant code.
update_space(): Move invariant condition out of loop to speed it up. Fix
uninitialized variable. Remove redundant condition. Fix off-by-one array
update_smooth(): Remove unused code. Properly send cleared big faces.
draw_client_map(): Remove duplicate check. Properly clear newly visible
area when scrolling the map.
(1 Files changed, 15 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/protocol 1.14 (+15 -11)
8/27/05 4:42 PMakirschbaum
common/map.c: Change default values for reset_timeout, enter_x, and enter_y
map headers to zero. In set_map_reset_time() use MAP_DEFAULTRESET if
reset_timeout is zero. This change prevents crossedit from adding these
headers by just loading and saving a map.
include/config.h: Add MAP_DEFAULTRESET.
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/map-technical 1.2 (+2 -1)
8/23/05 12:42 AMmwedel
Apply patch 1200555 - addition of key/value lists which allows arbitrary
storing of data in objects - see doc/Developers/key-value for more
loader.l, loader.c: Add add_key_value() function which parses the unknown
line in the object/archetype. Update get_ob_diff() to make differences
for the key/value lists.
common/object.c: Add functions for properly comparing the key/value lists,
setting and getting the vaues, clearing values upon freeing of object,
doc/Developers/ Add key-value file.
doc/Developers/key-value: Documentation of this feature.
include/libproto.h: Rebuilt
include/object.h: Addition of key_value struct, addition of key_values
field to object.
MSW 2005-08-22
(2 Files changed, 168 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/ 1.3 (+1 -1)
doc/Developers/key-value 1.1 added 167
8/17/05 1:58 AMmwedel
Add patch by Kevin Rudat for applyable but non
pickable objects to have item items.
doc/Dvelopers/objects: Update item types.
socket/item.c: Use the head of any objects we send. Should generally
only be an issue for objects on the ground, as currently there is no
large objects players can pick up. Also fix up some of the formatting/
indenting in this file.
MSW 2005-08-16
(1 Files changed, 13 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.15 (+13 -2)
8/16/05 3:31 PMcavesomething
Add flag to lamps to make them able to be lit without needing negative light radii (1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
doc/Developers/objects 1.14 (+1 -0)