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AuthorRevisionsLines of CodeAdded Lines of CodeLines of Code per Change
mwedel13 (43.3%) 145 (10.6%) 250 (16.6%) 11.15
uid20010 (33.3%) 1116 (81.5%) 1116 (74.0%) 111.60
cvs5 (16.7%) 93 (6.8%) 122 (8.1%) 18.60
ryo_saeba1 (3.3%) 2 (0.1%) 2 (0.1%) 2.00
mardahl1 (3.3%) 14 (1.0%) 19 (1.3%) 14.00

Commit Log

11/29/03 3:00 AMryo_saeba
Fixed for Windows (1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.7 (+2 -0)
11/16/03 6:17 PMmwedel
Rebuild archetypes and treaures.
update map_check to check for spellbook objects.
MSW 2003-11-16
(1 Files changed, 44 Lines changed)
lib/adm/map_check 1.3 (+44 -12)
9/13/03 12:02 AMmwedel
Updated code for skill + spell code. skills and spells are now objects.
tuning these now means changing the archetypes. New spells can now
be added just by making a new archetype. Lots of code cleanup
also done.
MSW 2003-09-12
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.6 (+1 -1)
9/13/02 1:32 AMmwedel
rebuild archetypes.
random_maps/square_spiral.c - fix off by one error in square_spiral.
add doc/plugins - update related makefiles.
lib/adm/map_info - reduce verbosity to only show real errors.
MSW 2002-09-12
(1 Files changed, 12 Lines changed)
lib/adm/map_info 1.5 (+12 -8)
7/30/02 1:37 AMmwedel
Various fixes:
INSTALL: Update with note about --with-includes configure option.
common/loader.c, common/loader.l: Add comment about flag_invis_undead
include/define.h: Add FLAG_INVIS_UNDEAD
lib/adm/map_info: Modify to not follow symbolic links.
server/monster.c: Modify can_detect_enemy to be a bit more straightforward
in its logic. Also, modify detection of invisible creatures - don't
reduce duration, just return that the monster can detect the player.
There were also spurious messages about the player being seen.
Modify can_see_enemy to check FLAG_INVIS_UNDEAD, also fix broken
server/player.c: Clear FLAG_INVIS_UNDEAD when invisibility ends. Fix
action_makes_visible() - had reverse logic on FLAG_MAKE_INVIS check,
and a typo in the printed message.
server/spell_effect.c: cast_invisible() to use FLAG_INVIS_UNDEAD -
also check for maximum duration, and only search active objects when
clearing enemy.
server/weather.c: Fix off by one on comparision when intializing maps
darkness when loading map from disk. In dawn_to_dusk, don't do
further processing if the light hasn't changed.
MSW 2002-07-29
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
lib/adm/map_info 1.4 (+1 -0)
7/2/02 7:20 PMmwedel
Update to not put files in subdir, but rather just at the top level
of the archive.

Have it generate a README file for the archive.
MSW 2002-07-02
(1 Files changed, 9 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.5 (+9 -1)
6/7/02 2:00 AMmwedel
Mostly bugfixes. I'm not sure if this will fix the disappearing arch problem-
none of the changes made in the original multiple name would seem to
cause it, so hard to say if any of these changes may fix it.
common/arch.c: Change get_archetype_by_name to be more efficient and
not leak memory. Modify code that frees all archetype data to free
the name_pl information. Make sure the clone.name_pl is set to
NULL. When singularites are created, set the name_pl for them.
common/loader.l, common/loader.c: Modify code that fixes up name_pl
to be more correct when it fixes up name_pl for old objects.
common/map.c: Modify load_map_header so that tile_paths will be normalized -
need for editor to be able to load maps that have a multipart object
that spans the maps.
crossedit/Edit.c: Modify some calls of out_of_map to OUT_OF_REAL_MAP, since
tiling code really isn't fully in place for the editor. Modify
EditPerformFill so that it actually works and doesn't crash the editor.
include/global.h: Move FREE_AND_COPY macro from loader.l to here so that
all source code files can use it.
lib/adm/map_info: Modify to actually be able to examine just a sub
portion of the map directories, and not all of them. Don't always
show the unused objects - information isn't very interesting if only
a portion is being examined. Modify the exit examining code to properly
deal with random maps (if there is a finalmap component, make sure
that does exist.) Loade the bmaps file and not the faces file to
find valid faces.
plugin/plugin_python.c: Add missing %s that described what script
was actually loaded.
random_maps/special.c, server/alchemy.c, server/c_misc.c, server/gods.c,
server/login.c, server/player.c, server/spell_effect.c: Set up proper
name_pl value for code that changes the name of objects.
server/apply.c: Use FREE_AND_COPY to set up names. Set up proper
name_pl values for cases that change name. In apply_lighter, call fix_player
if player is lighting an object in his inventory - necessary for the
players glow_radius to get updated so the change actually takes effect.
socket/request.c: Modify esrv_map_scroll so that it properly clears cells
that are moving out of view - failure to do this was resulting in the
map1a updating these spaces with empty faces. This was causing
fog of war wackiness with the client.
MSW 2002-06-06
(1 Files changed, 31 Lines changed)
lib/adm/map_info 1.3 (+31 -12)
3/26/02 1:18 AMmwedel
Update to improve image caching and faceset support in the client.
The main change is adding the 'requestinfo image_info' and
'requestinfo image_sums' commands.
common/image.c: Checksum the bmaps file when we load it - we send this as
part of the image_info data.
doc/Developers/protocol: Document the requestinfo data.
include/global.h: Add extern for bmaps_checksum, and the define for
ROTATE_RIGHT which is used for checksumming.
include/newserver.h: Update SC version to 1027 so that clients can
know if they can issue requestinfo commands.
include/sockproto.h: rebuilt
lib/adm/ Add support for it to make a crossfire-images
distribution that the client can use to bootstrap its image set.
socket/image.c: Change SendFaceCmd to take a NewSocket parameter instead
of a player parameter - in this way, it can be used before the
AddMe command - this allows the client to download images before
issuing that command. Add send_image_info and send_image_sums
function which send the requestinfo data to the client.
socket/loop.c: Move the askface command from the player commands to the
newsocket commands. Add RequestInfo functino that determines the
type of request and calls the specific function to deal with it.
MSW 2002-03-25
(1 Files changed, 55 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.4 (+55 -1)
2/5/02 11:54 PMmwedel
common/map.c: load_map_header: If the map message is empty, don't copy
uninitialized data as the message. This fixes various crashes.
lib/ Remove the adm/*xpm* utilities, as they are no longer
needed or distributed.
server/apply.c: set the player speed to zero after they use a savebed.
Fixes crashes with players that have constant image animation (fireborns)
when they apply the savebed and the map then gets swapped out.
server/plugins.c: Fix some serious memory leaks. Some still remain, with
my comments included.
server/skills.c: Removed unused variable.
MSW 2002-02-05
(4 Files changed, 0 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.3 removed
lib/adm/dilate_xpm_files 1.2 removed
lib/adm/fix_xpm_colors 1.2 removed
lib/adm/ 1.2 removed
12/31/01 2:36 AMmwedel
This change lets the server have multiple image sets. The client
can then request which image set to use, and the server will use
that image set, falling back to other sets as necessary. I have tested
this with CVS client, and works fine at least in terms of old functionality.
doc/ Add images file which describes image guideline.
doc/Protocol: Various updates - some things missing, added other notes
about facesets.
doc/images: New file, describes guidelines for image sets, as well
as some of the internals
include/newserver.h: Update for multiple image set - redid most of the
image definitions as they were out of date with only png being supported.
include/sockproto.h: rebuilt
lib/ remove crossfire.png, add crossfire.0, crossfire.0. Update
build directions to use crossfire.0 instead of crossfire.png
lib/adm/ Modified to collect all the image sets, remove
support for collect xpm and xbm images.
lib/crossfire.0: new file, base images
lib/crossfire.1: new file, alternate images
lib/image_info: New file, describes image sets.
lib/crossfire.png, lib/ Removed - no longer needed.
socket/ add image.c file.
socket/image.c: Moved all image related data in this file - this includes
loading the image files, as well as the protocol commands.
socket/init.c: move read_client_images to image.c file. set ns->faceset
and ns->facecache to 0. Move freeing of image data to image.c
socket/request.c: fixed some indentation inconsistencies.add setup commands
for faceset as facecache. Move SetFaceMode,SendFaceCmd,esrv_send_face
to image.c file.
MSW 2001-12-31
(1 Files changed, 65 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.3 (+65 -51)
11/6/01 1:54 AMmwedel
Modify to support new map structure. MSW 2001-11-05 (1 Files changed, 32 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.2 (+32 -18)
3/11/01 2:27 PMmardahl
Added a facility to use alternate images. (1 Files changed, 19 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.2 (+19 -5)
7/26/00 1:25 AMcvs
lib/adm/map_info, lib/adm/map_check: Update to use new layout of installed
files (share/crossfire), know about random exits (it doesn't do any checking
to make sure the values are sane, which it probably should, but at least it
won't complain about them), update to use /usr/bin/perl. MSW 7/25/2000
(2 Files changed, 55 Lines changed)
lib/adm/map_check 1.2 (+7 -7)
lib/adm/map_info 1.2 (+48 -17)
5/17/00 9:58 PMcvs
Add missing images from prior checkin. MSW 5/17/2000 (1 Files changed, 54 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.1 added 54
4/27/00 2:35 AMcvs
common/arch.c, common/loader.l (loader.c): Modify the load routines
to strip off trailing whitespace in object names and other_arch fields -
I believe this is why altars to Sorig did not generally work, and while
generally that white space should not exist, doing a little extra checking
for it is not a bad idea - MSW 4/26/2000

Add HOLY_ALTAR type, and use that for praying over for gods and the
doc/crossfire.doc: Add description of HOLY_ALTAR type and meaning
of fields.
common/map.c: Disable consecration code for altars.
include/define.h: Add type for HOLY_ALTAR
include/sproto.h: Update for change of some functions below.
server/c_wiz.c: Modify setgod command to call become_follower with
proper second arg.
server/gods.c: Change become_follower to take object pointer to god instead
of name, since the holy_altar has the pointer in its other_arch.
Modify pray_at_altar to use the new fields, as well as fixed
what seemed to be numerous bugs in that function.
sever/skills.c: Change check from ALTAR to HOLY_ALTAR, also change
check to see if HOLY_ALTAR is consecrated by looking at the
other_arch field.
server/spell_effect.c: Update consecrate so that caster must be
higher effective level than the altar, also update for
differing fields.
maps/thomas/sisters/shrine0, map/thomas/sisters/tower0: Remove
title from altars on these maps - these were the only two maps
using old style altars consecrated to a god. Since it appears the
real purpose of the altars on these maps was to trigger something
else, they were kept as old style altars.
arch/gods/altars (relocated from arch/indoors, as I think the new
location makes more logical sense): Update for new fields/format.
This also affects lib/archetypes, lib/bmaps.paths, lib/crossfire.xpm,
lib/adm/ Modified to hunt out old archetypes - some of the
changes could be useful in general cases.
MSW 4/26/2000
(1 Files changed, 12 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.2 (+12 -4)
4/13/00 11:41 PMcvs
Change to use /usr/bin/perl instead of /usr/local/bin/perl - real change is to
find perl in and call the scripts with that. Mark Wedel
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.2 (+1 -1)
4/2/99 1:10 PMuid200
Initial revision (10 Files changed, 1116 Lines changed)
lib/adm/ 1.1 added 275
lib/adm/map_check 1.1 added 350
lib/adm/ 1.1 added 51
lib/adm/map_info 1.1 added 320
lib/adm/fix_xpm_colors 1.1 added
lib/adm/dilate_xpm_files 1.1 added
lib/adm/ 1.1 added
lib/adm/ 1.1 added
lib/adm/README 1.1 added 24
lib/adm/ 1.1 added 95