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AuthorRevisionsLines of CodeAdded Lines of CodeLines of Code per Change
uid20025 (54.3%) 431 (70.2%) 431 (69.2%) 17.24
temitchell6 (13.0%) 42 (6.8%) 42 (6.7%) 7.00
mwedel4 (8.7%) 44 (7.2%) 44 (7.1%) 11.00
uid397862 (4.3%) 36 (5.9%) 36 (5.8%) 18.00
ryo_saeba2 (4.3%) 12 (2.0%) 12 (1.9%) 6.00
cvs2 (4.3%) 22 (3.6%) 31 (5.0%) 11.00
cavesomething2 (4.3%) 8 (1.3%) 8 (1.3%) 4.00
tchize1 (2.2%) 15 (2.4%) 15 (2.4%) 15.00
qal211 (2.2%) 2 (0.3%) 2 (0.3%) 2.00
akirschbaum1 (2.2%) 2 (0.3%) 2 (0.3%) 2.00

Commit Log

8/11/05 5:23 PMcavesomething
Add help for showpets, and update help for killpets (2 Files changed, 8 Lines changed)
lib/help/showpets 1.1 added 3
lib/help/killpets 1.2 (+5 -0)
7/28/05 2:23 AMqal21
Fix bugs in arena petmode and clean up most of it's logic into it's own function. Document the arena petmode in the "help petmode" output. (1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
lib/help/petmode 1.2 (+2 -0)
7/20/05 3:18 AMakirschbaum
lib/, lib/, lib/help/whereabouts: Add help for
whereabouts command.
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
lib/help/whereabouts 1.1 added 2
7/14/05 11:21 AMryo_saeba
Quest handling (1 Files changed, 8 Lines changed)
lib/help/quests 1.1 added 8
1/23/05 11:00 PMtemitchell
Add in some help files for a few newer features. The 'mode' file
isn't explaining a command per/se but should have brief info on the
different player 'modes', prompting more detailed help requests on them.
(4 Files changed, 31 Lines changed)
lib/help/bowmode 1.1 added 15
lib/help/petmode 1.1 added 9
lib/help/mode 1.1 added 6
lib/help/listen 1.1 added 1
9/12/04 7:53 AMryo_saeba
Various fixes for Win32, apply some tracker patches (1 Files changed, 4 Lines changed)
lib/help/cast 1.2 (+4 -0)
6/14/04 11:12 PMmwedel
Remove the 'name' help file. No command exists.
MSW 2004-06-14
(1 Files changed, 0 Lines changed)
lib/help/name 1.2 removed
9/3/03 8:42 AMtchize
Allow renaming items for users. Thanks to Nicolas Weeger (Ryo) (1 Files changed, 15 Lines changed)
lib/help/rename 1.1 added 15
8/26/03 7:00 PMtemitchell
Added friendly_fire to attack.c, called from hit_player.

Will put a cap on maxdam that is a percentage (1-100%)
of damage (min 1)based on SET_FRIENDLY_FIRE value (in settings)when
players attack other players in peaceful mode. Changed who, statistics
commands to show this setting better and added a help file for peaceful.

It would be nice to have a indicator (even a toggle button?)in the
client for this as well.
(1 Files changed, 8 Lines changed)
lib/help/peaceful 1.1 added 8
7/23/03 11:53 PMtemitchell
- forgot to add these help files for shouting (1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
lib/help/shout 1.1 added 3
9/7/02 4:41 PMmwedel
include/sproto.h: rebuilt
lib/help/killpets: New file
lib/ Add help/killpets file.
server/c_misc.c: Add command_kill_pets().
server/commands.c: add killpets command which kills your pets.
server/monster.c: Add some code in check_enemy so that the enemy
has to be a monster/generator/player to be considered valid -
I was seeing things like arrows ending up as target enemies.
MSW 2002-09-07
(1 Files changed, 6 Lines changed)
lib/help/killpets 1.1 added 6
7/14/02 11:57 PMmwedel
-- Start body commit notes --
Major commit. This adds body locations which is used for equipping items.
Equipment has information which body part it gets equipped to, and monsters
have information on how which body locations they can have.

As part of this work, I also did a lot of code cleanup.

To use this, you must use up to date archetypes - the ones included
in this commit are fine - just make sure you install them. If
you don't, players will not be able to equip items.

common/arch.c: Initialize body_used to be same as body_info for
archetypes - this way when monsters are created, they can
start equipping items right away.
common/exp.c: update new_exp() - some flags it checked for before no longer
exist or have new names.
common/info.c: describe_item() now takes second parameter - update
dump_abilities to use new calling convention.
common/item.c: Add table that describes the body_info locations and
their names. Add functions that calculate item power for objects
that don't have it set. Update display functions to show
item_power in items. Update describe_monster() - use_horn/wand/rod
merged into just use_range. Modify describe_item() to take second
paramater - who the item is being described for. Show item_power
in describe_item.
common/living.c: Pull out MAXLEVEL from being defined in this file -
define in in define.h, since other files use it. Add NUM_STATS
define - replace hard coded values of having just 7 stats with it.
Update change_abil to not display that the player has a new
attacktype when equipping a bow that has it - fix_player() ignores
the attacktype of the bow, so it was incorrect information.
fix_player(): Initialize player ranges structure to null -
will get filled in by code in function, updated to deal with
updating the body_used data from body_info in the objects.
Replace instances of last_heal with gen_sp_armour. Rearrange
some code to make function more readable.
common/loader.c, common/loader.l: Remove the variable_const information - no
longer needed and confusing for new people when adding in new object
elements. Add set_body_info() - parses the string from the load file and
sets the appropriate array element. Add check_loaded_object() - does
sanity checking for an object after finished loading - replaces need for
long processing directive in the actual rules by having seperate function.
Remove unused flags from load directives (apply_once, no_pretext,
can_apply), add some new ones (item_power, gen_sp_armour), update others
to can_use_range. Replace flag_links with simple array that contains the
name for each corresponding flag. Update get_ob_diff to not use the V_
values and just include the actual string name - all recent changes have
done this, just updated for old stuff. Update get_ob_diff to save new
values that have been added.
common/object.c: clear_object: Modify to use memset to clear
the structure to zero - this is less error prone than listing
all the specific values, and probably faster. Also, makes it
easier to add new elements - no need to update object.c in most
common/player.c: Remove get_player_ob routine - this is now merged
in with get_player_ob in server/player.c. Remove generate_ext_title -
not used.
common/readable.c: Update to pass second argument to describe_item.
common/treasure.c: Update to calculate item_power of generated items.
Clean up a lot of code formatting. Update add_abilities
to use gen_sp_armour values, not last heal (note, it appears
the last_heal values weren't being used before). Update
calls to describe item to take second parameter.
doc/Developers/objects: Update will_apply notes, add note about
item_power, body location.
include/define.h: Comment out unused flags (flag_apply_once, flag_paralyzed,
flag_no_pretext, flag_ready_rod, flag_read_horn). Add flag_use_shield.
rename flag_use_wand to flag_use_range. rename flag_ready_wand to
flag_ready_range. Add flag_ready_scroll. Update ARMOUR_SPELLS access
macro. Add AP_PRINT flag to apply flags. Add CAN_APPLY_.. return types
for can_apply_object function.
include/includes.h: add strftime, mktime checks to this file.
include/libproto.h: rebuilt.
include/living.h: Add NUM_STATS define, update extern declarations
to use it for sizing.
include/loader.h: remove the V_.. info and xbm_.. externs that were not
include/newserver.h: Remove ext_tile information.
include/object.h: Add Body_Locations structure, NUM_BODY_LOCATIONS define.
Add definitions for WILL_APPLY values. Clean up object structure -
formatting is now consistent, ordering of values groups values
together more logically. Update all types to use the int8/int16/int32
types. Several unused fields removed.
include/player.h: Update rangetype enum. Add unapplymode enum.
Clean up player structure - type updates, unused fields removed,
formatting fixed up.
include/spells.h: remove range_name extern. Update SpellTypeFrom
field to combine wand/rod/horn into spellMisc - none of the
spell casting code was differentiating these.
include/sproto.h: rebuilt.
lib/ Add new help files (applymode, bind, brace)
lib/archetypes: rebuilt for body_info, gen_sp_armour, item_power,
can_use_shield information.
lib/artifacts: updated for item_poer and gen_sp_armour changes.
lib/treasures: remove unused _force for player treasure.
plugin/plugin_python.c: Change FLAG_USE_WAND to FLAG_USE_RANGE.
server/apply.c: Move stftime, mktime to include/includes.h. Remove
draw_find() - one line function can just as easly be in the
code itself. Update calls to long_desc to pass second parameter.
move gravestone_text() to player.c file. Add direction parameter to
apply_scroll() - in this way monsters can use it properly.
Remove dead code. Update apply_special function. Add
unapply_special(), get_item_from_body_location(), unapply_for_ob(),
and can_apply_object() functions.
server/attack.c: Remove SET_FLAG(op, FLAG_PARALYZED) line - no code
was ever checking status of FLAG_PARALYZED.
server/c_misc.c: add command_body() which dumps body information for
player. Update who as idle element in player structure removed -
was not being used by anything. Add command_applymode() to
set players prefered unapply method. Remove calls to unlock_player()
in various functions - unlock_player() has not done anything
meaningful for a while.
server/c_object.c: Modify long_desc to take a second parameter
which is who is examing the object. this is needed so that we
can pass it down to some of the lower level functions.
Update calls to describe_item to pass this second parameter.
remove FLAG_NO_PRETEXT code - no archetyps were using it. When
examining objects, also tell player where to put them on.
server/c_range.c: Update legal_range() - we now store the object that
is responsible for a range in the player object, so code is
much simpler. Update change_spell() to not destroy golem
just by readying another spell - we now let players regain control
of golems after switching to another range. Update change_spell
to use item name of object for range description.
server/c_wiz.c: remove reference to count_left from player object -
field removed from structure.
server/commands.c: add new commands (applymode, body) to command dispatch
server/login.c: Remove unlock_player() and lock_player() and calls to it -
current checking of names at login should be sufficient to
prevent duplicates. Remove dead code from check_name. Update
load/save code for unapply mode value. Add set_flag(op,
FLAG_USE_SHIELD) if player is allowed to use armor - needed since
flag_use_shield is really a class feature and so is not automatically
updated for old player files.
server/main.c: Remove references to count_left. memset marker object to
NULL - seems to increase stability on metalforge server.
server/monster.c: Many updates related to the body info - monsters follow some
rules as players. Add monster_should_cast_spell function - monsters will
use this for all spellcasting related actions (abilities, scrolls, wands,
etc). Update for merged rod/horn/wand ranges. Update bow use by monsters
- they don't actually need to equip it to fire - this way we don't need to
constantly swap the monsters weapons between the bow and melee item. Use
fire_bow from player.c for most of the work. Modify scroll usage -
monster will use it when player is near, not when it first picks it up.
Add FLAG_READY_SCROLL to denote the monster has a scroll to use. Also,
monster now casts it in appropriate direciton. Merge the
monster_use_wand/rod/horn into monster_use_range. Modify
check_good_weapon and check_good_armour to just look at the stats of the
two items without needing the monster to apply it first.
server/player.c: Print motd in green so it is more noticable. Update
get_player function to do work it did before as well as that of
get_player_ob. Have get_player take a parameter which is the object of
the player if he has one. Modify to use memset to clear the player
structure - more sure fire than explicitly listing values to initialize.
Remove calls to unlock_player. Modify fire_bow so that monsters can also
use the function. Add fire_misc_object() to fire_wand/rod/horn - removes
code from fire(). Add gravesetone_text() to this file.
server/shop.c: Update to pass second parameter to describe_item().
server/skill_util.c: Update check_skill_to_fire since there are fewer
rangetypes now. change range_scroll name to range_golem, as that is
a bit more accurate for what it actually does. Modify show_skills()
to show player his item power and total of items he has equipped.
server/skills.c: Add second paramater to long_desc, remove references to
server/spell_effect.c: Add second paramater to long_desc, remove references to
count_left. Update range_scroll to range_golem
server/spell_util.c: remove references to count_left. Update messages
if player trying to cast where he can't with new range names.
socket/info.c: Update range information and how we display what it is -
we will use the object name of the range if available. Remove
reference last_known_spell, last_shoot, last_spell, last_value
player structure fields.
socket/init.c: Remove ext_title information.
socket/request.c: Add element for life_stealing in the resistance array.
Remove references to idle, count_left in player structure. remove
ext2 title information.
MSW 2002-07-14
-- End body commit notes --
(2 Files changed, 38 Lines changed)
lib/help/brace 1.1 added 10
lib/help/applymode 1.1 added 28
7/5/02 5:22 PMuid39786
common/arch.c: Add 'unlocked' match for item_matched_string.
lib/help/drop, lib/help/dropall: Help files for these commands.
lib/ Update to include help commands above.
server/spell_effect.c: Fix formatting of summon_pet() function. Modified so
that it no longers sucks player spellpoints when casting it via scroll -
scrolls should not cast the player spellpoints. No idea why that code was
there - in fact, casting off a scroll used more sp than casting from
memory. Modify cast_cause_disease() function so that if the passed
direction is 0, we refer to the facing and cast in that direction - this
means spells of cause disease now work. Also perform some minor formatting
changes in the function.
TODO: Add not about inscription.
MSW 2002-07-05
(2 Files changed, 36 Lines changed)
lib/help/dropall 1.1 added 15
lib/help/drop 1.1 added 21
4/22/00 2:13 AMcvs
Update formatting to look better on standard width display - MSW 4/21/2000 (1 Files changed, 10 Lines changed)
lib/help/usekeys 1.2 (+10 -9)
4/22/00 1:06 AMcvs
Add help/usekeys to distribution and to get used.
Mark Wedel 4/21/2000
(1 Files changed, 21 Lines changed)
lib/help/usekeys 1.1 added 21
4/2/99 1:10 PMuid200
Initial revision (25 Files changed, 431 Lines changed)
lib/help/sort_inventory 1.1 added 23
lib/help/party 1.1 added 25
lib/help/spells 1.1 added 10
lib/help/apply 1.1 added 14
lib/help/unbind 1.1 added 8
lib/help/range 1.1 added 10
lib/help/output-sync 1.1 added 20
lib/help/quit 1.1 added 7
lib/help/name 1.1 added
lib/help/output-count 1.1 added 20
lib/help/take 1.1 added 19
lib/help/move 1.1 added 22
lib/help/output 1.1 added 20
lib/help/melee 1.1 added 16
lib/help/mouse 1.1 added 14
lib/help/save 1.1 added 13
lib/help/mark 1.1 added 18
lib/help/cast 1.1 added 15
lib/help/pickup 1.1 added 26
lib/help/statistics 1.1 added 20
lib/help/traps 1.1 added 15
lib/help/keys 1.1 added 22
lib/help/golem 1.1 added 24
lib/help/bind 1.1 added 30
lib/help/invoke 1.1 added 20