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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server 3d.

On Sun, 9 Oct 1994, Mark Wedel wrote:

>  Also, handling a client/server version of 3D would be a lot different
> than the 2D model.  Also, 3D would require rewrites in major portions
> of the code.

The 3D is question of work. Question of can we get enough people
to program and expecially draw things and coordinate the work.

In 3D games (Doom, Ufo, Wolf3D, Ultima 7, etc.) the monsters
and items are drawn separately from diffferent directions in
differing situations.

Thinking one monster, goblin. Goblin can walk 8 directions
in square grid, and the the walk goblin can have 2 image
states. When hitting goblin have 1 image state as well as
when hitted. So the number of images per monster is

	8 * (2 + 1 + 1) = 32 images

and there are 167 archetypes that have monster flag, so for
monster there are needed

	167 * 32 = 5344 images

And the other items and walls needs 8 images per direction
as well, and there are about 1000 other than monster arhetypes,
that makes 8000 images, so total we need draw

	5344 + 8000 = 13344 images

by skilled 3D cabable people co-operating. And if thinking
one image takes 20 mins, then time for all images is 4448 hours,
556 8-hour workdays, that means about 2-3 man-years. 

The number of archetypes could be reduced, but I think it's
not about the idea. The best in crossfire (and other roguelike
games) the variety of items & monsters, I think.

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