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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server 3d.

[To start, I'd like to say Thanks to Mark, for being the person to
 actually do something about getting client/server stuff to the code level]

>>>>[From Mark Wedel]
     I guess one question would be is how good could the 3D look given
    just standard object locations?  Can things be rendered to look really
    good in that fashion?

I say it all depends on how fast your processor is.
If you have a _really_ fast processor, the answer can definitely be yes.
As someone made reference previously, you get to the wolfenstein level of

If your processor is so-so fast, then your options are either to turn
down the detail, OR to _reduce_the_distance_of_sight_.
(or only update the screen every two ticks :-/ )

I believe if you take away even one square of distance, it will
dramatically improve client rendering speed. That can be entirely client
driven, and so not an issue for the larger picture.

I think it would be slower than "Xdoom" on any particular platform, mainly
because crossfire allows for a lot of overlapping objects, and cloud