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CF: Re: Bug in crossfire-0.92.4

> From: Klaus Elsbernd writes:
> ps: Brian: what about the problem, that dragon-steaks have no weight, but
> are as valueable as food?
	Hmm. Dragon-steaks are now type FLESH rather than type FOOD (under the 
	alchemy code). This means that the 'weight' value is a percentage of the
	overall creature weight. A heavy dragon is going to produce a large, large
	steak. In assigning monster 'treasure' the FLESH item (ie dragon steak) 
	should have its weight re-assigned. The only problem might be when you 
	find dragon steaks as part of maps (ie map-maker put it there). Is this
	the case? or are you finding the dragon-steak left behind by killing the
	monster has a low weight?

	Because you have to kill monsters to get their parts, I allowed the FLESH
	items to have different cost/food value than FOOD. Do you think this is 
	a play-balance problem? (Comments from anyone on this)

	Also, has anyone been having problems (still) with magic/wisdom experience
	gaining? I havent heard anything; I havent seen it in a while.

	For my next project, I have thought about putting together some CF documentation;
	has anyone been working on this? I am interested in starting up soon. Ideas
	on what is needed are appreciated!