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CF: Map Generation


After haveing played with crossfire for some time I recently have 
found the skill-patch. And what a surprisr - my level 14 mage 
eventually got more than 10 mana points ;-)

So now I have Crossfire 0.92.4; and with the skill patch, the 
library patch and the alchemy patch, a good game became even better.

As playing is only half the fun I began map-creating
Now what I want to know: 

- I like the library and the alchemy patch. But bevore putting them
into my maps: Will they be part of the next version? Will they be modifed?
Will I be able to use the alchemy archetypes?

- I'd like to make some maps which have less hack'and slay but mory
"story". What'd you say? Perhaps that's not "crossfire-style".

- Archetypes: The Documentations sounds like "If it's not really,
 really necesary - don't make own archetypes. Understandable, as they
 won't be part of the distribution.
 Still, I'm doing some ;-) They houses are in need of some more furniture
 (e.g kitchen items), IMHO.
 That are simple archetyoes, but:
 * I first did the XPM-Format; I'm no artist, but they are O.K. Then I save
   them as XBM - but that just looks VERY ugly, so I have to recreate them. 
   Is there a better way?
 * There is one documentation file which does a partial rundown of the 
   archetype attributes. Can I get a complete rundown without actually
   digging throgh the source?

- What I'd really like would be enhanced interaction with NPC's.
  * I want them to remember me
  * I's like a converation tree like that:
    @match open|Open
    { Do you have the password?
      @match Yes|yes
      { What is it?
        @match sesame
          { Right1 
            @connect  1
        @match *
          { Thats wrong!
      @match *
      { Then you can't pass
    @match *
    What do you want? 
  * I'd like to trigger something in a conversation. Thyt can partly be 
    emulated by magic_ear, but not completly.
- I'd like to define EVENTS
  Simple example: When I enter a room: "The red dragons laughs at you"
  might be fine; but it's quite ridiculous after I've killed him
  Probably that already can be done somehow (as altars can be trggerd only 
  once) - but how?

- Are there plans regarding the skill system?
  I think it's not bad, but it could be expanded, couldn't it?
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