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Re: CF: Re: bug in map?

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>I wrote:
>>I tried to complete the Crown of Might quest from Lake Country...
>Hmm.. I tried it again with a freshly-loaded game and it worked. I've got
>a sneaking suspicion... if I can get the game to go into funky-breath-spells
>mode again anytime soon, I'm going to try this mechanism again...

Yes indeed, I tried it after monsters started spewing length 1 cone spells
again, and it did not work. I tried precisely the same order of altars (left
to right, connect #'s 13, 12 and 11 in that order) after reloading the game
again and it worked.

John R. Murray
FSU Aikido Club/North Florida Aikikai       home of Miko's Aikido MPEGs and the
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