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CF: Bug in that damned Kundi's map

John R. Murray wrote:
> I wrote:
> >I tried to complete the Crown of Might quest from Lake Country...
> Hmm.. I tried it again with a freshly-loaded game and it worked. I've got
> a sneaking suspicion... if I can get the game to go into funky-breath-spells
> mode again anytime soon, I'm going to try this mechanism again...

	Yeah, buggy map. SOrry. The reason it failed is that, the game
automatically put anything that's not alive under the pentagram, when
the game save it to temp file. This happens when the map is not visited
for a set period of time, define in the configuration file when you 
compiled the game. And when the map got reseted, which happen when
the period of no-player-in-map exceed another time set in that config 
file, it's fine again. I should have at least put a note in the map to
warn players. I couldn't find any other devices that could teleport
items. Pentagram was the only one. Sorry.