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Re: CF: Casting time & spellcasting monsters

> From: Samuli Tursas writes:
> Hi there.
> Casting time is actually an upgrade for players. Spellcasting monsters 
> don't cast spells as often they used to cast without CASTING_TIME defined.
> Also monsters lose their spells when player hits them, which sure is an 
> upgrade for fighters.
> It'd great to have a CASTING_TIME which wouldn't affect monsters at all, 
> casting time would only affect players. (The game needs downgrade for 
> spellcasters)

	Well, you make some good points. But heres two more points:

	1) most of the really tough monsters don't just cast spells, but
	use 'abilities' also. Abilities arent affected by being hit.

	2) most spellcasting players won't be close to (and therefore
	*hitting*) monsters. Thus, casting time is *mostly* an advantage
	to fighters. Few magicians can capitalize on this (and, in face
	it is a pretty stiff limitation).